Freelance Peacekeeping Agent

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621 Shadow Wood (Clearing) (15, 11) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 40 Tentacled Night Horrors
  3. Return to Start


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As you are leaving the Necral Fields, the Warrior you've been helping approaches you. 'May I talk with you my friend?' 'Well, I am something of a Warrior for hire. I go where people need monsters killed but I'm not what I used to be. I know of two other towns that need help.'

The Man-at-Arms continues. 'Are you interested in destroying these creatures across these realms for the towns?' 'Well, the first part is a simple Seek and Destroy. There is a type of creature in this area called the Tentacled Night Horror. They are spawning too quickly and need culling.'

'You've returned my Friend! Did your hunt go well?'
'40? Most impressive! The local village and Hunters will be glad of that. Here I got this part of a weapon from the Smithy. Please take it and keep it safe. I think you'll have use of that in the future. Now, meet me at the Hunters Lodge in the Shadow Wood (Thicket)' You receive 'Drohbur Hammer Head' & 1,501,580 XP