Free the Slaves

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682 Forsaken Desert (Dunes) (2, 15) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Forsaken Desert (Dunes) (2, 2)
  3. Return to Start


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You encounter a group of slaves shackled up to a tree. They appear very weak.

The group of slaves notice you. 'Please, help us. They haven't given us water for days. There is a water hole near the shop in this area. Please, retrieve some water from there for us!'

You arrive at a waterhole.

You collect some refreshing water from the waterhole. You must now get it back to the slaves south of here.

You arrive back at the group of slaves. They seem relieved of your return. 'Did you manage to retrieve the water for us?'

The slaves struggle to their feet to accept the water. 'Oh thank you! But I don't think this water will sustain us for long. We need to escape! If you could recover the keys for these shackles, we could escape from these things!'

You arrive back at the group of slaves. 'Did you manage to get the keys?'
You use the keys to unlock the shackles. Several of the slaves approach and hug you. 'Thank you! We could have died had you not found us! I don't have much to give you, except this amulet that was given to me by my grandmother. I would like you to take it, for saving our lives.' The woman hands you the amulet. You gain 1,532,659 XP and 'Amulet of Greldigh'.