Fort Assault

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631 Waza Island (Watch Point) (15, 3) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Waza Island (Watch Point) (2, 18)
  3. Return to Waza Island (Watch Point) (2, 18)


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The man-at-arms you worked alongside in the past appears to have gathered several other soldiers. Their silver suits of armor glint brilliantly in the sunlight. 'Hello again, friend. Me and a few other soldiers have been trying to find the Hobgoblin fort rumored to exist in this area. It needs to be destroyed at all costs to prevent a permanent presence on this island. Don't suppose you could help us find it?'

'Excellent. Lead on. My men and I shall follow.'

You locate the hobgoblin fortification. The man-at-arms turns to you. 'Nice work on finding the fort, mate. My men are manuevering into position to lay siege to this blighted place. Stay here while we do this, this shouldn't take too long.' The Captain says, a smirk plastered across his face.
The warrior's men begin surrounding the wooden palisade. Two massive Catapults begin blasting holes in the fort's flimsy wooden walls while serried rows of archers rain their arrows down upon the inhabitants of the fort. Dozens of men-at-arms march towards the gaping breaches in the fort's walls to battle against the defenders.

Roughly an hour later and the human soldiers have control of the fort. The man-at-arms approaches you, blood splatters covering his once shiny plate armor. 'We've cleared the fort, however there are several hobgoblin's that escaped from the fort. I need you to help hunt them down. Good luck!'

You arrive back at the fort, the man-at-arms awaits your return with great anticipaton. 'Did you manage to hunt down the hobgoblin filth that fled from the fort?
'Outstanding work, my Friend. But anyway, the destruction of this fort should deliver a significant blow to the greenskin's presence in this region. Thank you again for your help, friend. Here, take this as a token of my thanks. We found it while searching through the fort. '
You gain 1,550,369 XP and 'Chevial Blade'.