For the Good of the Temple

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569 Claw Temple (Gate) (9,10) Dwarf Explorers Head



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Claw Temple (Sanctuary) (2,17)
  3. Kill 30 Claw Scourge Monks
  4. Return to Claw Temple (Sanctuary) (2,17)
  5. Go to Claw Temple (Courtyard)
  6. Kill Qan Shrar The Green Dragon (Elite)
  7. Return to Claw Temple (Sanctuary) (2,17)


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You step out of the darkness of the Murk into a brightly lit Gate area of the Claw temple. You are approached by a Priest.

The Priest is shocked by the grisly trophy. You tell him about the Dwarfs who were hunting the Dragons and your attempt to stop the culling.

The Priest gives you a measured look before saying "You killed Dragons yourself?"

You explain that you only killed the attacking dragons in self defense. "Hmm. Warrior, you could be a help to us as penance for this action. Please come with me to the Claw Temple (Sanctuary)."

You meet the priest who draws you aside. "Are you willing to help my group of Priests as penance for your unfortunate misdeed?"

"Splendid! First, I must test your mettle in combat. Some of our number do not believe in what must be done for the good of the Temple. I require you to kill 30 of the Brethren. It is only the disbelievers in the Sanctuary so you may target any you wish"

You approach the Priest. "You have killed 30 of these misguided wretches?"

"Excellent! Well, your final task is to go out to the Courtyard and put an end to the Temple Guardian. The Dragon Qan Shrar. It is unfortunate but Qan Shrar has become increasingly dangerous to both the Temple and the pilgrims who flock here. He must be removed so that a new Guardian can take his place. A more even tempered creature. Return to me once the deed is done.

The Priest awaits you anxiously. "Is the deed done?"

"You have our thanks. Though once a truly Noble creature, Qan Shrar was getting too temperamental to be a Guardian but would not leave. You have our gratitude Warrior. Please accept this Temple Claw Flail as a token of goodwill." You receive the Temple Claw Flail and 1,556,786 Experiance.