Fit for a Queen

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425 Craggy Coastline (Upper) (2,10) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Dark Sea Pearl from Killer Clam
  3. Return to Start


  • 594,662 XP

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The sound of the sea washes over you. The sun warms your back as you walk over the fine yellow sand of the Coastline. On the warm breeze you hear a coarse limerick being sung.

A pirate is sat on the beach obviously enjoying the sun, he hands you a bottle of rum, 'Have a swig with me matie-boy. Oh, I got a better idea, why don't you go and get a Dark Sea Pearl from one of those Killer Clams. Their not fierce, their just called Killer Clams to frighten off the tourists.'

The pirate is now very drunk by the time you return. 'Heh, you got one of those Dark Sea Pearls?'

The pirate stands up uncertainly, 'Wow, you did it, those things are vicious. They'll take your arm clean off! The Queen will be pleased to get one of these. She can get a new earring to match the other one I lost. Cheers mate.' You receive 594,662 xp.