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487 Castle Morbidstein (East Tower Upper) (7,7) [none]



  1. Obtain Stitched Heart
  2. Return to Start
  3. Go to Castle Morbidstein (East Tower Attic) (2,8)
  4. Kill 15 Lobotomized Worker (Champion)s
  5. Return to Castle Morbidstein (East Tower Attic) (2,8)


  • 923,062 XP

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You come across a Student crouching on the floor.

The Student has a bandage round his head, blood is soaked into his clothing. 'I'm sorry, I'm very weak. I just can't seem to cut it. I don't recognize you, are you new?' As you nod a sly smile crosses the Student's face. 'I have a ..... task.... yes - an assignment but I need your help to complete it. Can you retrieve a Stitched Heart form one of the Lobotomized Workers? I will be most grateful.'

The Student is still crouching on the floor when you return. He whisers \'have you a Stitched Heart?\'

He takes the Stitched Heart and looks at it carefully, 'You could help me some more if you would like. I have a theory but The Doctor did not agree with me. Meet me in the Attic and I shall explain further.

The Attic is a cold and isolated part of the Castle. You suspect that someone could hide here for a long time before being discovered. The Student crouches on the cold floor before you, the Stitched Heart cupped in his hands before him. \'Will you help me further in my Assignment?\'

He smiles up at you, 'Knowledge does have it's costs you know - I have only now learned this lesson. I hope you learn for me. But I shall share my theory further with you, if you kill 15 Lobotomized Worker (Champions), I take it we have a deal?'

The Student is still crouched on the floor when you rerturn, the Stitched Heart has vanished. He smiles up at you. \'Have you killed 15 Lobotomized Worker (Champions)?\'

He looks around and sees one of the fallen Lobotomized Workers, 'Yes I see. But before I go any further, this is my theory. I think that the more complex an organism the more energy it needs to survive. For example a Rabbit has less energy than a Fox, if you follow me. So the Lobotomized Worker (Champion) have more stored energy then the Lobotomized Worker. I am very weak from my argument with The Doctor. I am very grateful for your help. I am also very hungry – I would run if I were you.' With that the Student dives on the corpse of the Lobotomized Worker Champion you have slain and starts to eat it. The bandage falls from his head and reveals “Advanced Experiment 401b” tattooed into his skull. You decide that if he re-gains his strength from the 15 Lobotomized Worker (Champions) you have slain, you will be next. You take his advice and run. You receive 923,062 Xp