Feline Feud

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379 Forgotten Plateau (Outer) (7,7) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Travel to Howler Den
  3. Kill 8 Howler Mothers
  4. Return to start location


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You come across a very young Lanqueeth Hunter, he holds his spear unsteadily.

The hunter shakes his spear at you in a threatening manner. Unfortunately it's not done with any authority. You stand before him with you weapon sheathed. The tall cat man begins to realise you mean no harm and stops his aggressive stance. 'You mean no harm to me? That is strange for one who is not of us. We are a simple people, from the Inner Plateau. But we are being overrun by the Howlers, please find the Den and kill the Howler Mothers. This is my task, but I cannot find the den.'

The Den was hidden in the recesses of the realm, it was no wonder the Young Hunter had problems finding it. You greet the Lanqueeth with a big smile, he bears his teeth and you hope this is him smiling back at you. 'Have you managed to find the Howler Den and kill 8 of the Howler Mothers?'

The Hunter shakes his spear at the sky, 'This is good news, you are brave and wise, I shall tell my brothers the news, thank you. Take this Amulet of Claw, it will help you hunt your prey.' You gain 48,000 xp and 1 x Amulet of Claw