Fated Abandonment

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46 Moot Forest (South) (14,3) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Moot Forest (North) (3,19)
    Receive Hobarts Wine
  3. Return to Start
    Deliver Hobarts Wine


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You there... yes you - come here a moment - I have a task for you! My name is Hobart and while I was recently guarding an outpost elsewhere within the Moot Forest, I returned here only to realise I left my best bottle of wine at the last outpost. I cannot leave this post unguarded, but maybe you would be as kind to fetch it for me?

You agree to retrieve the wine.

This must be the outpost Hobart was referring too...

You search the outpost, and once you nearly give up, you finally find the wine! You gain 1 x Hobart's Wine. You best hurry and bring it back to him.

Did you manage to find my wine?

Ah - I'll be using this to drift into sound sleep tonight. Thank you for fetching it for me. Now ... I have no use for this ring that a stranger left at the output on a visit. Here... please take it. You gain 1 x Ring of Fate and 6,832xp.