Fate of the Father

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434 Gorgon Isle (South) (2,6) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Stone Remains from Hydrorion Plesiosaur
  3. Return to Start


  • 620,144 XP

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You see an Old Sailor looking out to see. The cold sea wind batters him, but he seems not to notice as he scans the waters relentlessly.

The Sailor's eyes never leave the sea, 'My father went to sea when I was young and on his last trip he made, he said he'd make his fortune. He never returned. I have looked for him my whole life and ended up here. My Father came here and never left. I fear he fell to the Gorgon who dwell in this wretched place. I have seen the Hydrorion Plesiosaur take bites from the statues littering this isle. Victims of the Gorgon. I haven't found my Fathers Statue, I'm wondering if one of those sea snakes took a bite of him. I'm old and feeble, could you slay a few of those Hydrorion Plesiosaur's and see if you find my fathers Stone Remains?'

The Old Sailor stand defiant against the icy wind, 'Have to found my Father's Stone Remains?'

The Old Sailor takes the Stone head from you with great sadness. 'My mother never believed the rumors that he ended up a Pirate. I tried to keep her optimism, but with his stone eyes staring up at me I cannot deny how he turned out anymore. Thank you Warrior, you have done me a great service. May the Sea winds always fill your sails.' You receive 620,144 xp