Familiar Creation

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539 Dark Atholhu (Outer) (5,15) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Dark Atholhu (Outer) (4,2)
  3. Go to Dark Atholhu (Outer) (10,4)
  4. Go to Dark Atholhu (Outer) (14,9)
  5. Invent Flesh Doll
  6. Return to Start


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A young Necromancer looks around frozen by indecision.

The young apprentice shuffles nervously, watching you draw near. 'I'm from the Stitchers Tower you know, I can defend myself!' You slow down so you can draw your sword to strike, when the young man speaks again. 'I'm glad you know your danger. I'm here to gather ingredients to create a Homunculus. Homunculus building is an ancient art lost to the modern Stitcher. But I have a problem. The parts I need must be laced with spite for my fumbling spell weaving. I'm only learning you see, and Demonic energies will make it easier for my initial attempts. Lucky the Foulwater Demoness is a Demon from the heartless seas, so the ingredients would be perfect. But I cannot defeat the Demon because it's just too powerful for me. The creatures themselves only value strength, so when a Demoness becomes old or ill, the others tear it apart and scatter the body parts in open graves. Take this Recipe of the Flesh Doll, bring me a Flesh Doll and I'll reward you for your efforts.'

In the dark earth is a macabre sight. Bleached white, completely clean bones fill a deep pit.

You take a deep breath and reach down into the Hollow. You find a perfect Ribcage for the young Stitcher. Gain 1 x Ravaged Ribcage

Hidden between two low hills lays the Gully of Skin. Large rocks have the skins stretched out as if to dry in the murky half light of the Altholhu. A final insult for the weak, that the dead can be recognized for the weakness by the living.

You walk through the silent faces of the dead. You marvel at the cruelty of these creatures that they would do this even to themselves. The newest skin you peel from the rock. Gain 1 x Shredded Skin

You notice in the distance a pillar of steam rising. As you get nearer you see a crater with boiling water. Within this large chunks of flesh bob in the steaming bowl.

You draw your weapon and delicately fish out a lump of flesh from the raging spring. The Sticher's Apprentice will want his foul doll. Gain 1 x Maggot Free Flesh

The Sticher's Apprentice hunches down in his long cloak, 'Have you managed to create a Flesh Doll for me?'

The Apprentice take the doll and cradles it in both hands, 'That's perfect. I never thought an unskilled Warrior could do such a fine job! Thank you, I shall take it back to the Tower and start the incantation of binding at once. Take this Stitcher's Sickle as payment.' You receive 1,130,931 Xp + 1 x Stitcher's Sickle