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Joined: 20/Feb/2008
Name: Fallhallen
Guild: Slottets Krigarna
Guild Title: Guild Founder
Allies: StickIsGoD, deluch918,

Drgnslyr92, J2stryfe

Enemies: Damienx45, Gelada,

iSkittle83, walpat, wickcity

Medals: 5_2.gif 8_1.gif
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Recruits: Danjob
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The Origins of Fallhallen




Former General of Odin's Legions








Transformation and Animation


After defying Odin, Fallhallen leapt from Asgård to Múspell where he was reunited with his people.  There he waited and joined an elite group who would help train him for the final battle of Ragnarök where they would defeat Odin and claim victory of Asgård.


Some may immediatly think that Fallhallen is Vallhallen, the Viking god of rock, but this would be a mistake. The origins of Fallhallen go back to the days of old when Odin ruled. Fallhallen was the lost son of a great Norsk King. It was believed that he was stillborn, so he was laid to rest in the Fjällhåla pass where Vallhallen dwelled.

When the baby awoke from his deep trance-like state, Vallhallen took pity on him and his people, because the King had recently fallen in battle and there was no heir to the throne.

Fallhallen could not yet return to his people and kingdom because he would surly fall to the sword as his father did. Instead Vallhallen took him as his own child, and taught him the way of the gods.

Over the years, Fallhallen had grown strong, stronger than any human. He had learned to control and use the rock as his strength, defense, and offense.

Then one day, as Fallhallen was learning the ways of the gods ontop of Fjällhålla pass, he noticed in the distance a great disturbance. For Tor was amassing a large army which was advancing on Fallhallen's kingdom. Odin had learned of Vallhallen's secret. It was forbidden for the gods to teach their ways to a human. As punishment, Fallhallen and his kingdom would perish.

The war was long and bloody, despite Tor unleashing Múspell (hell) on the kingdom which smote every living soul instantaneously. As Fallhallen watched his entire kingdom rise up in flames, he became enraged, drew his sword, and rushed toward Tor's army in a berzerk-frenzy ten times greater than any man had ever achieved before. Using rocks as his army, Fallhallen defeated every creature until only Tor was left standing.

Fallhallen's courage and ability on the battlefield impressed Odin. So much so, that he ordered Tor to give Fallhallen a warriors death and ensure that the Valkyrie would bring his soul to Valhalla where he would become a General for Odin when the war of Ragnarök was at hand.

Tor's attack was swift, and Fallhallen was soon in the courts of Odin at Valhalla. But as Fallhallen looked around, he noticed that none of his people were in Valhalla. Fallhallen questioned Odin where his people were, and more important, where his ancestors were. Odin answered, explaining that his father, the King, had brought ignomity upon himself, his kingdom, and his ancestors; because the King gave Fallhallen a special herb at birth that caused him to go into the deep trans-like state. The reason for this trechory was because the King had recently learned about Vallhallen, and knew that he would take pity on the new-born prince after he awoke from his fake death.

The Kings actions could only be punished in the most strickest of terms. Every soul that is or ever was apart of that kingdom would perish and be banned from Valhalla for eternity. They were cast to the pits of Múspell.

Upon hearing this, Fallhallen turned berzerk yet again, lashed out at Odin and cursed the very halls of Valhalla. He then ran out of Odin's halls, and lept off the plains of Asgård, and fell to Múspell where he vowed to assemble a great army that would rise up against Odin.

This is the origin of Fallhallen, the boy who was trained by Vallhallen, a warrior who impressed Odin, killed honorably by Tor and ascended to the rank of Undead General, but his loyalty to his kingdom knew no bounds, and he did FALL from the HALLS of Odin.


In order to best Odin and gain revenge, I Fallhallen have been working closely with the Generals of Destruction in the realms of Fallen Sword, so that one day I may strike back and avenge my ancestry.


To the n00bs, PvP is PART OF THE GAME

Can't we just attack each other instead of paying Bounty Hunters to do our dirty work?

I'm NOT a charity, beggars subject to my hit-squad!

Mistakes will be made, and consequences will be paid!

Ask not what your Guild can do for you, but what you can do for your Guild!



Buff Level Price
  • 0_b.gif
  • 110
  • 5,000 0.png
  • 5_b.gif
  • 120
  • 10,000 0.png
Buff Level Price
  • 17_b.gif
  • 120
  • 10,000 0.png
  • 19_b.gif
  • 120
  • 10,000 0.png
  • 20_b.gif
  • 120
  • 10,000 0.png
  • 21_b.gif
  • 120
  • 10,000 0.png


My allies are either Buffers, Guild members, or people whom I consider to be mature, respectful, helpful, and good company.


They wouldn't be enemies if they were not in here, now would they? Yes, Fallhallen has enemies, and as you can probably guess, my enemies are the opposite of my allies. These people have the dishonor of sitting on my profile as a dreg of humanity. They are immature, beggars, cheaters, and those who try to threaten me, either in-game or in real life. These people in my book have checked themselves out of the human society and no longer rate to be considered human, they are lesser beings who require frequent 100 stam hits.


Fallhallen enjoys PvP and frequently engages in it. PvP is, after-all part of the game, and Fallhallen does not fear retaliation or threatening Bio's from other players.

Before the news update that FS is working on a PvP tournament, I created a PvP Fighting Circle. This circle of course was not easy to maintain as the members needed to stay within close proximity to each other regarding level. But nevertheless we had fun and made some friendships with like minded individuals. For now, the PvP Fighting Circle is on hold until the PvP tournament is launched.

Bounty Board

The infamous Bounty Board.... I have said this before and I will say it again, I am not a fan of the bounty board. The reason is this: the punishment must fit the crime, and in my book, the possibility of being attacked well over 10 fold in no way translates to fair punishment. It is excessive. Furthermore, it promotes weakness in people. So someone attacked you, big deal, hit them back, hit them back with 100 stam, hit them back 10 times with 100 stam, sure it takes 10 hours to do it, but fight your own battles, don't have others fight then for you. It is this reason why I am against the Bounty Board.

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