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Fallen Sword Helper is a script meant to enhance the experience of playing Fallen Sword, by removing repetitive tasks, presenting more information at a glance, enhancing the social aspect of the game and creating shortcuts to common tasks.

Homepage: https://fallenswordhelper.github.io/fallenswordhelper/
Requirements: Firefox Web Browser and the Greasemonkey Extension.


How it works

The script runs inside your web browser and modifies the way the fallensword page looks and behaves. Since the script runs in your web browser, the modifications can only be seen by you. The changes can be anything from adding a single link somewhere to add completely new pages in the game. See below for a introduction to some of the modifications.


The number of modifications that are done are too many to list here, but some of the highlights are listed below. For a more complete list, see the official feature page. Or even better: try it out.

Inline Battles

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Battles displayed on the main world screen

Instead of having battles replace the current page, battles are done in the background and the result is presented on the world page along with number of XP and gold gained by the fight as well as how much was sent to the guild bank as a result of Guild Tax. If you obtain a drop, the name of the item will be shown under the name of the creature. Finally, a small summary of the battle is also displayed below the list of creatures.

Improved Quest Log

The standard quest book has now only lists quests that has not yet been completed (it is still possible to view all quests via a link). The list contains both quests that are started but not completed as well as quests that haven't even been initiated yet. Along with the quest names, there are links to both the fallenswordguide and this wiki with more details about that particular quest. In addition, the start location and minimum required level for the quest is also displayed.

Guild Online List and Chat

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List of online guild members

At the top of the rightmost column of the page, two boxes are available that makes it easier to interact with your guild. The first box is a list of guild members currently online along with links to message or buff them. The second shows the last couple of chat messages from the Guild Chat. The chat box also allows you to post message in the chat directly from the main page.

Quick Buff Enhancements

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Improved Quick Buff screen

The quick buff screen is improved in several way:

  • Currently active buffs on the target player are highlighted in green.
  • Your current Sustain, Fury Caster and Buff Master levels are displayed at the top.
  • The stamina required to cast all selected buffs is displayed
  • Possibility to have pre-configured buff packs. The listing of the packs show which buffs are included as well as the amount of stamina required to cast them all.
  • The list of buffs and their level that the target player currently has active.
  • Player statistics for the target, including almost everything that is shown on the standard profile page.
  • A button to input your own name in the target player field.

Other Improvements

  • Addition of recipe manager, inventory manager, and quest manager.
  • From the "drop item page", links are added to search the auction house and sell the item on the auction house.
  • Various "Quick" options:
    • Quick Bid - Bid at the auction house without refreshing the page
    • Quick Drop - Drop from backpack without refreshing page
    • Quick Wear
    • Quick Take
  • Log coloring
    • Indicate new/unread messages.
    • Allies/Guild members in different colors
    • Quick links to buff, trade, secure trade & message along all player name links in the log
  • and many more...

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