Evil Hunt

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345 Dark Vale (North) (7,2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 20 Ghouls
  3. Return to Start
  4. Obtain Severed Hand from Ghoul
  5. Go to Dark Vale (North) (13,10)


  • 462,854 XP

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This forest has a look of lifelessness to it. The trees look drained rather than old. The hairs on your neck prickle as if you are being watched, but that is just your mind playing tricks you. A glimpse of movement draws to an isolated nook.

The movement is fleeting, but then settles behind a tall tree. As you get closer you can make out a faint sobbing and a woman, she stares back at you in terror. 'Oh, I thought I was a goner, but you aren't one of THEM. They eat you alive, they are trying to make me their next meal, go kill 20 Ghouls and I'll be safe.'

Places grow on you when you have been there for a little time, The Dark Vale is not one of those places. The longer you are here, the more vile it gets. The woman is sitting by the tall tree, 'Have you killed 20 of those disgusting Ghouls, she whispers?'

Her eyes search your face looking for some sign of deception, your steady stare seems to appease her. 'I thought I was going to die, apparently I'm going to see tomorrow. Those revolting Ghouls go and worship at an Obelisk made of Bone. They seem to get power from offering Severed Hands to the Obelisk. Get a Severed Hand form one of those Ghouls and destroy it at the Obelisk of Bone. Maybe that will upset who ever they worship'

Before you is a sight that is difficult to comprehend. A tall pillar made up from the bones of a massive creature. As you advance to the pillar a cold voice echoes in your mind, 'Do you carry the Severed Hand of obedience?'

The voice chills you with each syllable. But deep within a spark flares, you stride up to the Obelisk of Bone and place the hand carefully, the voice wispers power. Then with an effortless swipe of your weapon, you smash the Severed Hand. The voice screams vengeance against the insult, and the Obelisk of Bone glows a deep red then crumbles into dust. From the forest surrounding you, a moan of despair rises. You turn in contempt and walk away. You gain 462,854 XP.