Escape from Felannar Dungeons

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607 Felannar Dungeons (Inner) (10, 5) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Felannar Dungeon Key from Felannar Dungeon Keepers
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Felannar Dungeons (Inner) (12, 2)
  5. Go to Felannar Dungeons (Inner) (1, 12)


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You arrive at a row of three cells. The two end cells are unoccupied, while several prisoners sit looking out from the middle cell.

'Thank you! First, you will need to acquire the keys to this cell. The Felannar Dungeon Keeper's should be carrying them. Please, hurry before they return!'

You arrive back at the cell. The slaves look on expectantly. 'Did you manage to acquire the key?' One of them asks.

You unlock the cell door and the slaves slowly emerge. 'Oh thank you! How can I ever repay you?!'

'Could I ask one more thing of you? Could you escort us out of this damn dungeon?'

'Oh thank you! We would go by ourselves, but these dungeons are crawling with Dungeon Keepers. I'll meet you near the entrance. Good luck!'

You arrive at the exit just as the escapees arrive. 'Please, you've got to help my friend! He's being tortured as we speak!

'He's currently being held south-west of here. He's shackled up, and I've not been able to free him due to those damned Dungeon Keepers. Please, help him!'

You arrive at one of the slaves shackled to the wall. You attempt to free the slave from the shackles, but are jumped on by several of the Dungeon Keepers. You must fight off the Dungeon Keeper's before you can finish freeing the slave. (Note that you don't actually have to go to slay further keepers)
You successfully slay the last Dungeon Keeper, thus allowing you to finish freeing the slave. Once the slave is free, The slave turns to you. 'Thank you, friend. Here, take this. I was able to pick-pocket one of the guards.' You gain 1 x Ring of Relighjar and 1,324,233 XP.