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507 Ralthien (Garrison) (6,7) [none]



  1. Kill 40 Ralthien Light Cavalry
  2. Obtain Enchanted Sea Pebble from Ralthien Light Cavalry
  3. Return to Start
  4. Gain Level 508
  5. Go to The Magicia Emporium (2,2)
  6. Go to Ralthien (Garrison) (10,7)
  7. Return to Start


  • 1,622,605 XP

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The Streets of the garrison are full of noise. You see Elves running for their lives all around you. A Panicked Citizen comes to a stop in front of you, \'You, Warrior - must stop the The Ralthien Light Calvary, they have started slaughtering the people of Ralthien for no reason, will you help us?

The Panicked Citizen looks around, 'The Light Calvary have protected us for as long as the City has been standing. I don't know what gotten into them. But they must be stopped, please Defeat 40 Ralthien Light Calvary, there must be a reason for them attacking us. You must find out what it is and put a stop to it.'

The Panicked Citizen waits nervously for you, \'Have you defeated 40 Ralthien Light Calvary and found out a clue as to why they have betrayed us?\'

The Citizen calms down and takes the Enchanted Sea Pebble. 'This is a magical device, its strange how it has the Seal of the Light Cavalry on one side and a magical rune on the other. I don't understand what it means, but take it to Vilsaronia, she has a shop called The Magicia Emporium in the District of Magic. She might be able to tell you more about the Pebble.'

In a small and cozy shop you find a pleasant Wizard dressed in bright robes.

The Wizard smiles at you and nods, 'How do you know me Outsider?' You explain the trouble with the Ralthien Light Cavalry in the Garrison. This visibly shocks Vilsaronia and she takes the Pebble from you, 'The Rune of Berserk is powerfully etched onto this pebble, but it is curiously linked to the Emblem of the Light Cavalry on the other side. This would mean only the Light Cavalry would be effected by the enchantment. They are under a powerful spell, this must be broken. It is fortunate that it is a Hex, this means that Fairy Enchantments can nullify the effect. I have dealing with the Fey in Ral Forest, please take this Mark of Friendship to the Circle of Power in the Garrison. It will cover the whole area in Fey magic and so counter this Hex. It will mean the destruction of the item, but that is a cost I'm prepared to pay.' Your receive 1 x Mark of Friendship

The throb of raw magic rushes through you as you step onto the Circle of Power.

You reach into you back pack and draw out the Mark of Friendship, the glow of the Rune pulses weakly in you hands. It is almost a shame to destroy such a beautiful object. But peace must be brought to the Garrison. You let the Rune pass through you fingers and is soon as it strikes the Circle of Power is shatters in pale warm light. You should check to see if the Panicked Citizen is all right.'

The Panicked Citizen runs up to you, \'Have you found out why the Ralthien Light Cavalry turned on it\'s own people?\'

You quickly explain that the Light Cavalry was under a Hex but it has now been broken. The Citizen smiles back at you with obvious gratitude. 'So they were under a powerful spell and couldn't control themselves. That's good to hear. Maybe the King is right about letting more Outsiders into Ralthien. Thank you for all your help.' You receive 1,622,605 Xp