Ending the Grofflesnout Rule

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828 Nualgiath Forest (Ridge) (2, 2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Nualgiath Forest (Ridge) (2, 13)
  3. Return to Start
  4. Obtain Craggy Explosive from Craggy Grofflesnout
  5. Return to Start
  6. Go to Nualgiath Forest (Ridge) (5, 8)
  7. Return to Start


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You discover a group of soldiers clad in light armor. It appears they were not designed for heavy combat versus the local Grufflesnout creatures. One of the soldiers approaches you. 'Hey, have you seen our suply wagon? It was suppose to arrive here several hours ago. I don't suppose you could check the area for it could you?'

'Great! Meet us back here once you've discovered what happened to our supply wagon.'

You arrive at the scene of what appears to be a wagon.

You investigate the wagon, however its been completely ravaged. Nothing remains of the cargo it was carrying. You should report your findings to the soldiers whose supplies it was carrying.

You arrive back at the group of soldiers you met earlier. They gaze upon your expectantly. 'Did you manage to find out what happened to our supply wagon?'

You explain that you discovered the wagon, however all supplies were gone. 'I see. Well, either the Grofflesnouts or Snow Squonks have stolen the supplies it was carrying. Please, help us find the supplies. Meet back here once you've found them.'

You arrive back at the group of soldiers. They appear to be eagerly awaiting your return. 'Hey, did you manage to get the supplies?'

'Ahh, fantastic! Now we need to destroy the Grofflesnout outpost. Doing so should end their tyranical rule over this region...'

'We need somebody to plant the explosives at the Grofflesnout Outpost. Would you be interested in volunteering?

Okay. If you can, plant them at the fort. The explosives should be powerful enough to take out the entire outpost. Good luck!' The soldier hands you back the explosives.

You gain 'Craggy Explosives'.

You arrive at the Grofflesnout Outpost. The place is crawling with Grofflesnouts.

You plant the explosive then gain distance from the fort, awaiting it for the inevitable explosion. Surely enough the area is rocked by a fierce explosion. You turn to see the outpost turn into a fireball. You wil need to return to the soldiers and inform him that you were successful.

You arrive back at the group of soldiers. 'I heard the explosion. I'm guessing it was a success?'

'Fantastic. That should force the Grofflesnouts to rethink their strategy about trying to dominate this region. This should enable us to move more troops and supplies into the area without being harassed by the Grofflesnouts. Here, take this as your reward for destroying the Grufflesnout outpost.' The soldier hands you a powerful looking rune.

You gain 3,697,684 XP and 'Rune of Nualgiath'.