Elf Boat Disaster

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309 Hyghe (North) (15,9) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Hyghe (North) (7,15)
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Hyghe (North) (6,4)
  5. Return to Start


  • 371,172 XP
  • 60,200 gold_button.gif

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Youy come across a beached ship. The Elf crew come to you and explain how they are adventurers like you however their ship was damaged by a demon of the sea and they need your help to find their lost repair kit thats will have been washed up somewhere on the island. Will you help the Elves?

They describe the repair kit to you and you head of to find it.

You find the repair kit. Will you take it?

You must now head back to the Elf ship. You gain 1 x Elf Repair Kit.

You have returned to the ship. Will You give the Elves the repair kit?

They are happy to get the repair kit and they get straight to work on the boat. However the captain comes over to you and says that they have just realised they have lost the spare Sail material and without it the boat will never sail. He says if you return with it he will reward you well. You set of to find the sail material.

You have found the Spare Sail Material. Will You take it?

You take the material and head back to the ship. You gain 1 x Spare Sail Material.

You return with the Spair Sail Material. Will you give the Elf captain it?

The captain is happy he and his crew can fully repair the ship. He rewards you with 60,200 gold and 371,172 xp.