Dwindling Supplies

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643 Eohlar (South) (15,9) [none]



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You encounter a village. Several of the inhabitants are clustered around a camp fire. The group of villagers spot and and approach. 'Hey, I don't suppose you can help us? A raid upon our village left us without most of our supplies. I don't suppose you would be interested in helping recover our supplies that were stolen?' "Sure, I'll Help!"

Oh thank you! You should still find the last raiding party nearby. Good luck in finding them!' '

You arrive back at the village. The inhabitants stands at the entrance, awaiting you return. 'Did you manage to recover our supplies from those Ogres?' "Give Supplies"

The villagers look ecstatic as they notice you have managed to return their supplies. 'Oh thank you! I see you didn't manage to get everything, but that can't be helped. The main thing is you managed to recover enough supplies to last us until next winter. Please accept my people's gratitude. There isn't much we can offer as reward, however I do have this medallion. It has been with my family for several generations, and I would like you to have it. Your actions have ensured the survivability of my people.' The villager hands you a valuable looking medallion. You gain 1,362,261 XP and 'Palyor Medallion'.