Driving Curiosity

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913 Mount Riangi (Flats) (8, 7) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Return to Start
  3. Go to Elriak Depths (Upper) (7, 12) (must be level 915)
  4. Return to Elriak Depths (Upper) (7, 12)


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In the blazing heat of the Flats you are surprised to find a young man.

The young man frowns at you, 'No, I will not go back. Helmirr must be protected, and I shall do just that!' You gawp at the tantrum, and fold your arms. He stands there for a few moments, his fists clenched in anger. Then the fact you are not scolding him slowly dawns on the youth. 'Ummm, you are not here to take me back?' You unfold you arms and tell him you have no idea why he is here. He can go where he likes, you were just wanting to make sure he was all right.

He relaxes, 'I have heard of the metal warriors that walk this land. They do not cease in their relentless patrol. I wish to discover how they are built. I'm sure I can replicate it for the defense of Helmirr that would stand for centuries.' You stare at him in disbelief, the young man wants haunted armour patrolling the city. At least he wants to do something, however it is likely to get him killed in the process.

You ask how his research is going. He looks down at the blistered rock, 'Errrrrr. Weeeeeell... My short sword is not hurting them. The first fight I had it just bounced off it. The metal man just looked at me. He didn't even ready his sword, he simply backhanded me with his gauntlet. I was knocked unconscious, he must have walked away in disgust when I was asleep. The second fight went worse than the first. I had to run away and only managed to live because I could climb an outcropping that he could not. But I will not give up, Helmirr is depending on me!'

The young man is going to get himself killed, you sigh and ask if you could help. He stares at you, 'You would help me? Well, I might not be able to fight, but I can make great recipes. I am an Engineer after all. If you help I will make sure it is worth your while.' He digs in his back pack, then hands you a recipe. 'I have been scribbling some notes down. Could you see what you come up with?'

You receive 1 x 'Sephcan Helm Notes Recipe'.

The young Helmirr Engineer waits for you to return, 'You managed to make the Sephcan Helm Drawings?'

He looks over the drawings. At first he is astonished by their workmanship, then a horror slowly dawns upon him. 'There is a mistake here. I see what they meant. The effect of the Ward was to heal both the armour and the occupant. Unfortunately the Binding Rune which I assume was meant to bind the Runes and the Ward to the Armour also bound the occupant to it as well. The healing component was the fatal error here. The Sealing of the Ward was not the casting of the Gem as you would do so normally, but the first damage that the Ward healed onto the occupant. The act of healing them sealed their spirits into the armour. Such a shame.'

'I cannot doom someone to an eternity of patrolling Helmirr. They will eventually turn on us.' You see the young engineer might be annoying, but he is brilliant.

He turns to you, 'I see their error, but there is another metal man who roams the Upper Elriak Depths. Maybe I can gain some insight from that one. Meet me there, and I shall give you your reward when I have finished my research.'

You find the Young Engineer scribbling on a piece of parchment.

He smiles up at you, 'Yes – very. I see that these are not warriors. But Mages. I have never seen Mages wearing heavy amour or even heard of it. I must find out what gives them their ability to cast magic even within their metal armour. Here, take this Sephcan Research Recipe, return to me when you have completed the Research.'

You receive 1 x Sephcan Research Recipe

The Young Engineer stares off into the distance. 'Oh, have you completed the research?' He spreads out the drawings before him. He suddenly looks at you, 'These are not Mages. But simple Warriors. The Alchemical Lock takes rock that has had fire over it and absorbs the latent energies. The scripts then convert that energies into a spell-like effect. Anyone can use this. Its simple engineering. Its brilliant. Apart for sealing your immortal soul into endless torment that is.'

he gathers up the drawings, ' But I can use this. It details that one form of energy and be stored and directed into another. I maybe not be able to make immortal soldiers, but I can create better weapons for our Guards. It will help in the defense of the City. I thank you Warrior,as promised I have constructed an Amulet for you. I think you will like it. May we meet again Warrior.'

You receive 5,519,648 Xp and 'Sephcan Amulet of Radiance Recipe'.