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Joined: ??
Name: Domnell
Guild: Monster Slayers
Guild Title: Foreign Affairs Officer

Guild Chat/Fourm Admin

Allies: None
Enemies: None.. I think.
Medals: None
Auction House: My current auctions
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Domnell wearing Cockatrice Armour

Domnell Ichbald Forester was born unto this realm durring the rule of the second king of Ghon-dard. His mother Helinda Ramseos Forest was the high priestess and sister to the King. Domnells Father Ichbald Forester , was a general and leason minister to King Ghondard . Domnell was the fifth born of 9 children. With 3 brothers Imeradd, Gabriel and Dolhma and 5 sisters Lilah, Giselle, Alexandria, Elisabeth and Winifred .
Domnell started his training as a knight at the age of 12 (the minimal recruitment age for all members of the royal family). This training, however, was drawn short after only 2 years when his uncle had declared war on the nebouring Kingdom of San-am-non. With his two brothers Imerad and Gabriel, they joind his uncles legions as captains to lead the kingdom of Ghon-dard to victory over their foes. After 8 years, only Domnell and Imerad returned as Gabriel was slain during the heat of battle. Domnell then resumed his training and was knighted on his 30th birthday. Both Domnell and Imerad were awarded high honours from the King of Ghon-dard and apointed positions among the royal guards. Domnell declined this offer and chose to remain with the army to continue mentoring other soldiers and mages.
War soon began again between Ghon-dard and San-am-non and Domell was called off to war. The battles were long and furious but Domnell was able to lead his brothers to victory. After 14 years of hardship Domnell returned to a kingdom of nothing but ash and rubble. Domnell searched for survivors or anyone he could find to understand what took place durring his absence. He was able to locate his cousin Randle Elijah Ramseos and discovered a demon had been released upon the kingdom shortly after Domnell left. With the military away only the royal guard was left to defend the castle. Domnells mother fought to contain the demon and banish it to the void at the cost of her life. Shortly after the demon was banished a resistance army from the land of San-am-non attacked the castle and destroyed what little was left after the demons raith. His father, brothers and sisters were able to flee together to a distant land.
Randle Stayed behind with his wife Faith to protect the last claims to the Kingdom of Ghon-dard and to seek refugees and soldires to this once noble land.


Domnell developed mentally and phisically faster than his siblings. By the age of two he was able to read and write scripture from the castle liberary. He also showed an interest in forign languages and often tried to speak with scholars in other languages.
On his 5th birthday during a hunting trip, he was seperated from his group and was confronted by Quetzalcoatl. Suprised that the child did not flee in terror, the God began to talk. Domnell and Quetzalcoatl had discussed many things but were interupted when the hunting group discovered where their youngest member was missing. Domnell does, on ocassions, return to seek the God of wisdom and will talk for hours or even days on end.
Domnell was able to Speak 15 different dialets by the age of 6 and could effectivly understand the body languages of creatures to anticipate and monitor their movements. He was able to mount an Azlorie Lion by the age of 7. This caught the attention of his Uncle (King Ghondard), who requested that the boy be trained by the military before the legal recruiting age. Domnells parents would not allow this and forbid Domnell to join at that time. Ubestknown to his parents however, Domell would occasionaly go questing with his Uncle and a select group of the roayl guards.
Durring an expedition lead by his cousin Randle, he was injured by a Griffin while attempting to gather eggs for thier parents 50th anniversary. Domnell lost the use of both arms and was told he would never be able to use them unless the joints were reconnected. He perservered and learned to use his feet and toes to perform everyday tasks with ease. His mother was able to repair his arms after a few months and completely recovered form his injuries.
By 11 years Domnell was mentoring younger children and teachning languages to forign travelers visiting this Realm. He had also been taught several abilities by his pupils as rewards for sharing his knowledge.

Military & Training

Domnell was recruited into the Kings military on his 12th birthday and training started promptly. As he was highly skilled and experienced already by the King himself and other Royal guard. He was able to surpass the new recruits and was even appointed to lead and plan many training expeditions thorughout his career. He made many friends and allies durring his first few months of training. However one pupil who was jealous of these achievment had tried many times to have Domnell expelled from training. Lucien Benjamin Fendgeot is the son of Benjamin Fendgeot , a forign affairs minister from San-am-non. Lucien was raised an aristocrat with many personal achievements himself. Lucien however became very selfesh of his own traits and believed it was unethical to allow people of his and Domnells stature to teach or mentor common people. Lucien made it a personal goal to have Domnell become a mentor to only himself (Lucien), or to have Domnells higher status removed.

Luciens Attempt to frame Domnell

Luciens attempts to have Domnells status removed was almost achieved if it was not for King Ghondard. Lucien forced his own servants to steal Ghon-dard armour and discuse themselves as soldiers. He had explained this was part of his plans to learn more from Domnell as Lucien was not allowed to be near Domnell through previous events. Upon gaining his servants trust, Lucien murdered his servants and set a scene that would make Domnell the look like the assasin. Lucien then rallied his comrads and described that he saw Domnell slay the soldiers. The group then decended updon Domnells quarters and attempted to confront him about the murders. Domnell was not in his quarters when the crowd arrived and then waited for him to return. The crowd was in wait until someone entered the tent. Lucien went to attack the person not noticing it was King Ghondard. Just as Licien tried to pierce the King, Domnell rushed from the crowd and disarmed him. The crowd was shocked and did not realise Domnell was hinmself disquised and was with them all this time. Lucien was arrested, charged with murder and the attempted assasination of the King, and executed to make an example of anyone who dare attempts to try proving their worth by hurting another.
Luciens father was outraged by the actions aginst his son and with his servants fled back to his country of San-am-non. Roumor started about San-am-non assembling an ary to invade Ghon-dard. It was confirmed when a group of scouts were spoted spying on the Kingdoms defence routine. The King declared war on San-am-non and sumoned for the aid of all officers and soldiers to attack the invading army.
This page is a Player's Profile Page. It is generally considered unethical to edit a player's profile pages unless you have received permission from that player.