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Joined: 26/Oct/2007
Name: Randle1975
Guild: Monster Slayers
Guild Title: Guild Founder
Training/Recuiting Officer
Allies: WRibeiro, meduze, kojiii, and mungo85
Enemies: None.. I think.
Medals: Loyalty(Bronze) Adventurer(Bronze)‎
Auction House: My current auctions
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AKA Randle Elijah Ramseos


Being born from royality, Randle1975 has spent every waking moment searching for decendants of the former ruling class of the now all but forgotten empire. Now with the rest of the High Counsel, Randle1975 will strive to rebuild his small village back to the once all power civilization.


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Quest Book

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Guild Membership History

Monster Slayers

Nov. 2007 - Jan. 2009


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Jan. 2009 - Present