Discovering Flight

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864 Outlore Flats (Dunes) (13, 7) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Invent Wings of Flight
  3. Return to Start


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You discover a human garbed in ragged clothing. He notices your approach. 'No matter what I try, nothing seems to work!' The man exclaims as he shakes a bunch of feathers about before dropping them to the ground. The man looks to you. 'Don't suppose you could help me?'

'I have been trying to find a way to fly! I have been using these feathers, but they're just too small. I need larger ones... Maybe you could help me make more effective wings? Try constructing the wings from the Crimson Headed Stork. I'll wait here for you. Here, this is a list of items you wil require in order to make the wings. You will need something to bind them, unfortunately I no longer have any string. There is a trader south-west of here, he might be able to help you out.' The professor turns and begins disassembling the wings he made earlier.

You gain 'Wings of Flight Recipe'.

You arrive back at the professor. 'You're back soon! Did you manage to make those wings?'

'Oh excellent! I see you managed to slay enough of those creatures to get yourself some of their incredible wings. Simply outstanding! As a reward for making these wings I offer you a suit of the finest armor I have ever made.' The professor hands over an impressive suit of armor. 'Thank you again for making these wings!'.

You gain 3,802,725 XP and 'Armor of Flarl'.