Dipsoshell Merchant

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291 Theotis (North) (9,2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Theotis (North) (2,5)
  3. Kill 20 Dipsoshell Tortoises
  4. Return to Start


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You are suprised to come across an old looking merchant. As very few ever come in from the Grothan Way you assume he is native to these unknown lands. He comes and speeks to you and asks if you will do a task for him and that he will reward you for helping. Will you accept the task?

The old merchant tells you that he rarely sees people coming into these lands, but when he does he asks them to help him out before they disappear and never return this way. He asks you to find a Dipsoshell egg from a nest and return it to him.

You find a nest with an egg in it. This must be a Dipsoshell nest as the area is full of the foul reptiles. Will You take the Dipsoshell egg?

You take the Dipsoshell egg however you have alerted the protective herd of Dipsoshell Tortoise to your presence and they want the egg back. You will have to fight your way through 20 of the herd before you can safely get back to the old merchant with the egg. You gain 1 x Dipsoshell Egg.

You have made it back to the old merchant but have you killed all the Dipsoshell Tortoises?

You give the egg to the old merchant. He tells you that the egg will be hatched and hand reared into and excellent guard pet for the highest bidder. Who these people may be is unknown but the old man keeps his word and rewards you well for your effort. You gain 1 x Dipsoshell Armor & 303,805 xp..