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Joined: 08/Dec/2007
Medals: 5_3.gif 8_1.gif 9_1.gif
Guild: Resurrection
Rank: Warmonger
Allies: Blurina, cinda, Kevolkian, rosamor, SgtCollins,stevefille
Enemies: BrknSwrd, Dimcirith
Recruits: Blurina



Game Information

BUFFING STATUS: LOOK AT TIME LISTED ON PLAYER PAGE!!! If active the last few seconds or minutes, send a message. Within three minutes of sending a message, buffs will be given. If not, Dimcirith isn't ONLINE.

Dimcirith does not give away Buffs, FSP, Gold, or Useful Items!'

For A Guide to Conflicts, see:!

Character Information

Dimcirith is a befriended warrior out to trudge a path that leads wherever the winds of fortune see fit to guide him. So far this path has guided him to many realms, and has lead him to do many things. In his quests he began his journey as a Forgotten Guardian Of The Past, which helped him to grow quickly and become a great warrior. As a Forgotten Guardian, he nearly saw his death, but was resurrected by friends from Resurrection.

Dimcirith has accomplished many tasks throughout his journey, including a few of these: His best hit, which to date was against the Arms of Crombe for 11,293 damage (Critical Hit), and His bank has put him in the Top 50 Richest Players. Through government restrictions on trade, his bank has gone from in the 90-millions, to the 10-millions.

Guild Information

Dimcirith belongs to Resurrection, which is a Top 20 guild. He is newly risen here, as he nearly saw death guarding time with the Forgotten Guardians of the Past. Within FGOTP, Dimcirith carried out many roles, but his main role was general warfare in the form of GvG Conflicts, and he proudly wore the title of Forgotten Warmonger. He was also in charge of all guild records, and can help with general questions about the game. He was also a key buffer and contributor to the guild.

Dimcirith's loyalties will forever lie with Resurrection. However, he will also retain his strong ties with FGOTP and the FDP Alliance between Celtic Warriors, Dark Siege, The Evil Dead, Forgotten Guardians of the Past



Stuff To Know About Dimcirith

First and foremost, Dimcirith is extremely loyal to those he calls friends, yet he can hold a grudge longer than one can imagine. He will always remain a true supporter of the best two guilds in the universe, Resurrection and FGOTP. Furthermore, he is the Guardian of Blurina, and will ALWAYS love her. Whenever help is needed from fellow friends, he is there to help with whatever he has to offer.


The Warrior's Prayer

Long since, in sore distress, I heard one


“Lord, who prevailest with resistless might,

Ever from war and strife keep me away,

My battles fight!”

I know not if I play the Pharisee,

And if my brother after all be right;

But mine shall be the warrior’s plea to thee—

Strength for the fight.

I do not ask that thou shalt front the fray,

And drive the warring foeman from my sight;

I only ask, O Lord, by night, by day,

Strength for the fight!

When foes upon me press, let me not quail

Nor think to turn me into coward flight.

I only ask, to make my arms prevail,

Strength for the fight!

Still let mine eyes look ever on the foe,

Still let mine armor case me strong and


And grant me, as I deal each righteous blow,

Strength for the fight!

And when, at eventide, the fray is done,

My soul to Death’s bedchamber do thou


And give me, be the field lost or won,

Rest from the fight!'

--Found at


  • The only person worth your tears will never make you cry. --Blurina
  • To know victory is also to know defeat. --Alloran
  • Dimcirith has only one true enemy.
  • The heart is a window into the soul of peoples hearts, where windows remain closed to those that they do not wish to enter. Into the hearts of life and into the world without the souls and heart nothing would exist. Deep inside the hearts and souls, the essence of life, is, love. --RivalTrust
  • Days and nights whirl around the world, a precious heart adored by all who look upon the preciousness of beauty. Where is the beauty of the stars? As the look in beauty's eyes rapture the glow and gleam. The world silences into the night and quiet hums of life bloom.--RivalTrust

Buffs and Other Stuff


Dimcirith Buffs according to his status. He has a simple ideal to his status: He's sort of like 7-11. He's not always doing business, but He's always open. That is, if a buff is needed, message him. If he responds within three minutes, the buff will be given, if not, that means he most likely is NOT online. If Dimcirith is not on, try [1]

Dimcirith has two rules about buffing. First, Buffs are ALWAYS Free to any guildmate, FDP Member, or Member of Forgotten Guardians of the Past. Any other Ally gets buffs at 50% off the price. Second, anyone who asks non-specifically or rudely will not get buffed.

List of Buffs


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