Denounce the Old Ones

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511 Teotal (Border) (4,3) [none]



  1. Kill 30 Sisimites
  2. Obtain Sisimite Head
  3. Go to Teotal (Border) (7,10)


  • 1,016,380 XP

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The Jungle of Teotal towers above you as you walk through the huge trees. You marvel at the greenery everywhere, you are taken aback when a man in Priestly Finery boldly greets you.

'You are a stranger in these parts I can tell. I am the Priest of Teocalli and serve the people in a nearby village. They say they follow Teocalli, but only really give him lip service. The Old ways still have a tremendous hold over them. If you were to slay 30 Sisimites and bring one of their heads to the Village just South of here, it would show them that the Old ways will not serve them as well as Teocalli.'

The Village Priest meets you at the edge of the Village, \'Have you slain 30 Sisimites and brought me one of their heads?\'

The Priest takes the Head with thanks, 'You have done these people a huge favor, when they see that the Guardians of the Forest are not forces of the Old Gods but simply powerful creatures they will put their trust in Teocalli more. Thank you Warrior.' You receive 1,016,380 Xp