Defense of Ethigor

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758 Ethigor City (Walls) (13, 13) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Ethigor Artifact from Grove Dwellers
  3. Return to Start
  4. Kill 45 Grove Dwellers
  5. Return to Start


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You encounter a group of soldiers. One of the guards approaches you. 'The walls have constantly been under attack by outsiders. Even with our constant sentries posted along the wall, the Grove Dwellers still manage to infiltrate our city. Don't suppose you could retrieve the Ethigor Artifact? It was stolen from our city by those damn Grove Dwellers.' 'Great! You should find some of them in this area.'

You arrive back at the group of soldiers. 'Did you manage to retrieve the artifact?' The soldier takes the artifact. 'Excellent. You have our gratitude and that of our city!'

'There is one final task I ask of you, if you think you're up for it. Those damned Grove Dwellers have been eluding our patrols in this area. Could you help us hunt them down and kill them?' 'Alright, you'll find them somewhere around this area. Return here once you have managed to slay them. Good luck!'

You arrive back at the group of solders. The Captain approaches you. 'Well, did you manage to kill them?' 'Wonderful. That should prevent anything else from being stolen.'

You gain 2,918,691 XP and 'Rune of Zeighar'.