Dark Seekers

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551 Gao Tain Lake (Avenue) (2,7) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Pale Elder Blossom
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Gao Tain Lake (Grove) (6,2)
  5. Go to Gao Tain Lake (Grove) (12,12)
  6. Return to Gao Tain Lake (Grove) (6,2)


  • 1,090,981 XP

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As you walk the pleasant woods of the Gao Tain Lake you come across a old Temple Teacher.

The old monk bows slowly, 'I am from a local Temple, we heard of strange robed men wandering the area and I was sent to find out if anything was wrong. I was shocked to discover that the robed men were in fact Shroud Yaoguai. I am ashamed to say that I cannot deal with such Evil. I cannot return to the Temple without knowledge of why they are here. But I dare not approach dark creatures of such potency. Can you please find out where these Shroud Yaoguai are coming from?'

The Temple Teacher sits in quiet meditation, 'Have you found a clue to where those Shroud Yaoguai are coming from?'

The old monk takes the Pale Blossom, 'This Blossom is found only in the Elder Grove near by. The Grove has always been a place of light and pilgrimage for many. Please journey with me to the Grove and find out if anything has happened to that holy place.'

The Grove is a lot darker than the Avenue. The Temple Teacher stands in a small clearing looking around in horror.

The old monk shakes his head, 'No, the Grove was always a place of light. I do not recognize this place. Those Shroud Yaoguai must be behind this corruption. Please find whatever they are doing and put a stop to it.'

The Grove is a place of dark brooding. As if there is a great doom about to fall on the place. You find an evil shrine in a gloomy corner of the Grove.

You draw your weapon at the fragile Shroud Shrine; the ceramic pillar shatters under the force of your blow. The Temple Teacher will want to here of this.

The old monk waits for you, 'Have you found out what the Shroud Yaoguai are up to?'

You describe the evil shrine you found dedicated to the Shroud. As you speak the monks eyes widen in dismay. When you tell him you have destroyed the foul alter he starts to breath again. 'Such darkness cannot be destroyed simply by breaking the Shrine. But what you have done has stopped it from being completed. They must have been searching for the final ingredient to finish the Shrine, but were discovered. I shall return with the Temple Oracle and expunge the darkness from the area. Thank you Warrior for your help.' You receive 1,090,981 Xp