Dark Sea Danger!

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923 Barbas Isle (North) (8, 6) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 75 Dark Sea Octopi
  3. Return to Start
  4. Purchase Fine Bottle and Canvas Sack at Barbas Wares!
  5. Go to Barbas Isle (South) (4, 6)
  6. Obtain 4 Great Octopi Ink Sack from Great Dark Sea Octopus (Champion)
  7. Invent Bottle of Great Octopi Ink
  8. Return to Barbas Isle (South) (4, 6)
  9. Invent Big Bag of Feathers
  10. Return to Barbas Isle (South) (4, 6)


  • 7,675,671 XP

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You meet up with the Helmirr Warrior.

The Warrior looks up and smiles. 'Greetings to you, my friend! Are you ready for the next purge? We are going to be targeting the Dark Water Octopi that plague this Realm. They are as bad as the Elvish Pirates group for harrying the local villages and causing misery. Please kill as many as you can.'

Weary, drenched in Octopus blood and ink, you return to the Helmirr Warrior.

'A mighty tally indeed! This will make the going much easier! Let us move onto the South of the Island. More Octopi are there, including a larger type of the beast. Meet me there please!'

The Helmirr Warrior looks up at your approach.

'Hail Friend. We are here to kill the Great Dark Sea Octpi that are ravaging the area but I thought we could make a bit of profit on the side. Once dead, cut the Ink Sack from the Greater Octopi. Use the ink and a suitable bottle and we can make a pretty penny on the side. Use this recipe.

You receive 'Recipe of Bottle of Great Octopi Ink'

You are sure you have more Ink in your clothes than in the bottle but you return to the warrior anyway.

'Ah! Wonderful! I shall give you your share now.' He hands you some coin.

'Now, one last thing before we can leave this Realm and forge ahead. I need to repair my arrows and build new ones. I have everything I need except feathers for the flights. These Eagles that are around here are strong opponents but their feathers would be perfect. Could you get me a Big Bag of Feathers please? Here, take this recipe.

You receive 415,800 gold and 'Recipe of Big Bag of Feathers'.

Now you are covered in Ink and Feathers. You make quite a sight.

'My friend! You are quite a mess. All because you are helping me! Thank you for the Big Bag of Feathers. They are most excellent quality and should be perfect for my Arrows. Let us move on. Please meet me at the Isle of Yozahn (South).'

You receive 7,675,671 XP.