Cursed Spirits

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996 Shroud Vale (Slope) (15, 2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Shroud Vale (Slope) (15, 10)
  3. Kill 100 Ectobeings
  4. Return to Shroud Vale (Slope) (15, 10)
  5. Go to Shroud Vale (Tomb) (3, 4)
  6. Return to Shroud Vale (Slope) (15, 10)
  7. Return to Start
  8. Go to Shroud Vale (Depths) (3, 12)
  9. Invent Corinth Deathblade
  10. Return to Shroud Vale (Depths) (3, 12)


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You find Jamesina waving her hands around in frustration against the impassive stare of Virmalthorn.

Jamesina stops suddenly at the sound of your voice, 'Oh, there you are Hunter. I was just discussing with Virmalthorn why these enraged Spirits are trying to kill us. He seems to need proof that they actually mean us harm. I cite the murderous intent of their attacks as proof enough but he's not paying attention.' She points at him and in a shill voice squeals 'You talk some sense into him!'

With that the Seer stomps off a few feet and turns her back on you both.

Virmalthorn glares at her for a moment then his wolf skull turns to you and tilts slightly to one side. 'The living are so flighty at times. Though is it refreshing to see such zeal in someone.' He shifts his bony shoulders within his robes. 'My point is that the Undead's motives are not as clear as some might first assume. The Undead were once living beings, their essence can be forced into actions that they might not want to do. I merely pointed this out to the Seer. But she seems to take exception to my reasoning. Something about fighting for her life, the living always get upset about that. You found a Spirit in the Rift that was not completely under the thrall of the Dreadlord's incantation. I would suggest that you might search for a similar Spirit here. The Deadlord does seem to have sloppy servants, which is good for us.

You start your search for a Spirit that is behaving strangely. You have to fight for every step you take within this misted land. The Ectobeings seem to merge into the walls then attack from behind. But after a while you do find a Spirit that seems to ignore you.

You see an Ectobeing that is simply staring off into the distance. This is the first one you have seen that pays no attention to you. As you attempt to get it's attention a large number of enraged Ectobeings surge towards you. They seem determined to top you from talking to the Spirit. You must defeat 100 Ectobeings to get to the Distracted Spirit.

A large group of Ectobeings are determined in stopping you from talking to the Distracted Spirit. You must defeat them in order to get past.

The Spirit does not seem to know that you're there. It stares off into the distance. You hear it muttering something over and over. You bend in closer and hear it whisper. It is saying 'But we shall never yield... We fight for...'

You stare at the Spirit in front of you and the words of Virmalthorn come back to you. 'The Undead were once living beings, their essence can be forced into actions that they might not want to do.' Maybe this Spirit is trying to recapture a lost memory. The Spirit must have come from somewhere, maybe you could find from where is spawned from.

As you turn to leave the spirit suddenly grabs you, 'Citizen, the City walls might fall at any time, you must defend yourself against the Undead Hordes. Take my Sword, I can get another from the Guard Stores, now go quickly. There is not much time.' The Spirit then forces an ancient blade into your hands. It is obviously struggling with some memory it had in life. But whatever triggered the reaction it falls back into its trance-like state almost immediately.

You receive 1 x Corinth Long Sword

You enter a large tomb, the floor is littered with countless skulls. Your feet crush the ancient skulls under your tread. You flinch at desecrating such a place. Then you see an old flag discarded on top of the pile of skulls.

You pick up the broken flag, then you see a regimental insignia. It is the same at the insignia on the Long Sword the Spirit gave you. This must be the Regimental Flag of the Corinth City Guard. Judging from the horrific causalities, it no wonder the Spirits are restless. You should take the Flag back to the Distracted Spirit, maybe this will help him remember.

You receive 1 x Broken Corinth Flag

The Distracted Spirit stares off into the far distance.

You open the Flag in front of the Spirit. The Spirit stares at it for a long moment, then covers his eyes from it. 'We failed! All in Corinth were killed! The walls fell, all died. It was our weakness that failed them.' You stare at the Guards Spirit then slam the Flag into the gray earth.

The Flag flutters in the gentle breeze. The Spirit cowers away from it as if it were on fire. You say, 'Guardsman, you fought on the walls of the City did you not?' The Spirit looks at you for a moment, but says nothing. 'The undead came for you, how many?' the Spirit looks at the ground, 'They were countless thousands, they just kept coming.' You lift the sword, and tell him. 'You stood against countless thousands and lost, but you stood! You gave your life for your City. How can it be a failure for the enemy to think so much of Corinth that it needs countless thousands to take. There is no shame in defeat as long as you gave your all. As long as you stood your ground and defended your people! You should be proud that even now the Corinth Flag still flies, even after death!'

You words hammer into the Spirit like a blacksmith hammers a sword. It hurts but shapes the material into something stronger.

It reaches for the Corinth Flag, ghostly fingers pick it up. There is a sigh all around you. You feel the air come alive with danger. You should return to Jamesina and Virmalthorn as soon as possible.

The air is tense with anger, Virmalthorn walks up to you, 'Did you find a Wayward Spirit?'

You tell him that the Spirits all around are whats left of a Legion of City Guard that fell protecting their city. There is a Tomb filled with the skulls of the slaughtered citizens just to the West of here. The Spirits were hiding from their pain, but you had given them their regimental Flag back which has triggered an old memory within the Spirit you spoke to.

Virmalthorn looks around, then says, 'If you have made the Spirits face a painful truth, we might not be safe here. We should leave, RIGHT NOW!'

You flee from the boiling anger of the Corinth Guard Spirits and are relieved to finally put them behind you. You lost sight of Jamesina and Virmalthorn during the flight, but you finally come to the bottom of the valley. You then sigh as you hear the sounds of further battle.

With a heavy heart you close onto the battle, you are not surprised to discover Jamesina and Virmalthorn fighting a huge monster with a spiked chain. Virmalthorn sees you and breaks from the conflict. 'Warrior, we face a Demon. I fear he will not fall unless it is to a weapon of justice! I am not sure we can win this. He keeps boasting that he led legions to the destruction of Corinth. Does that mean anything to you?'

You grin and show him the Long Sword that the you received from the Distracted Spirit. Virmalthorn nods then whispers, 'I'll assume that has a connection to Corinth, if so that gives me an idea.' The Skeletal Priest scribes a quick rune onto a scroll and hands it to you. The sounds of battle intensify. Virmalthorn looks over his shoulder at Jamesina, 'Hmmmm, the Seer needs help. Take this Corinth Deathblade Recipe. I pray that GorGulGol blesses this work. Be quick now, we cannot stand long against this Demon.'

Your receive 1 x Corinth Deathblade Recipe

You hear the booming laugh of the demon as you return. Your heart almost stops at the sight of Jamesina laying prone on the ground and Virmalthorn protecting her.

You rush up to Jamesina. At your voice her eyes flicker open. She sees the Deathblade in your hand. She grins manically and grabs it. Virmalthorn is locked into a stalemate with the Demon. He goads the Priest with a menacing laugh then starts to force him into the earth by sheer brute strength.

The Demon never sees Jamesina flanking him and the Deathblade bites deeply into his pale skin. Blood gushes from the wound and he screams in pain. Virmalthorn then grabs the Demons wrists holding him in place for an instant. With a scream of desperation Jamesina closes her eyes and blindly cleaves at the foul thing. The Demon shudders in pain and shock as his right arm is severed from him, huge spiked chain and all. He grabs at the bloody stump with his left hand. He glares at the Seer, his eyes bright red pin pricks in his skull-like face. The Demon growls, 'I shall not go down so easily Mortal. I have lead armies into battles forgotten from history itself!'

You wonder at the power and sheer stamina of this thing. Even with its arm torn off it still stands and hurls insults. Then you see a sickly red glow filter through its fingers holding the stump. You grab the arm on the floor, then cry 'Run, its regenerating it's arm!' As you say these words the blood stops and the Demon gives a chuckle. 'Who said that all Mortals were fools.' The red eyes lock onto you, 'Yes, do run along. I shall be with you presently for my Scourge.' You turn and start running, then laugh and say over your shoulder, 'Well at least it will take longer to grow a new arm than simply attach the old one!'

Behind you Virmalthorn whispers, 'Is it wise to enrage the thing?' You shrug then reply, 'It's going to come after us, how can it get any worse?' To your surprise the Priest chuckles, 'Yessss, I see wisdom in you words Warrior.' Then a terrified scream rips the air.

All three of you stop and turn. You see the Huge Demon devouring one of the other Cutters around him. Jamesina sinks to her knees, 'He just needs to replace the flesh to regenerate his wounds. So I guess eating his kin will speed up the process as well as re-attaching the old arm.' Hopelessness fills her words.

Before your very eyes you see the arm reform anew. In only a few moments the thing reaches to the gray skies above with both hands. The Demon then looks around and sees you. Pointing, it starts a slow purposeful walk towards you.

Virmalthorn gives you a sideways glance, 'I must say Warrior that it has been a pleasure knowing you. At least I shall leave the Realm of the Living amongst comrades. That is something I never thought I would have.' Jamesina gets painfully to her feet, 'You are right, I should meet my death on my feet at least.'

The Demon laughs at you, 'At least you stand against you death Mortal. I shall give you a quick death for your bravery.' He takes another step, his victory certain.

Then a trumpet cuts through the cloudy air. The Demon halts, he turns and cries out in fury. On the ridge high above you see the Flag of Corinth flying in defiance. An army of ghostly riders then flow down the slope. The Horsemen crash into the Demonic Horde like wave on a beach. The Cutters are devoured by their cold fury.

Virmalthorn shudders, 'I feel their anger. We should go. They are going to destroy everything in these Depths. But it is a good thing we did here. I would not like to be the General of the army that destroyed Corinth today.'

You receive 9,532,918 Xp + 1 x Scourge of Corinth