Crypt of Valsar (Quest)

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This page is about the quest. For the area of the same name, see Crypt of Valsar.

12 Krul Beach Forest (East) (16,23) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Krul Beach Forest (East) (22,21)
    • Get Vampire's sword (which holds the Eagle Hilt)
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Krul Beach Forest (East) (2,25)
  5. Return to Start
  6. Go to Krul Beach Forest (East) (19,27)
  7. Return to Start


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As you emerge from the tunnel, the bright sun washes over you, you look up and bask in the glorious heat. After the brief rest, you shoulder your back pack and walk on. You are drawn to the smell of smoke drifting on the wind and eventually come upon a small forge.

Your eyes adjust to the dark interior and pounding of hammer striking anvil. The blacksmith looks up as he senses you draw near. 'Good to see a healthy face, have you seen them Vampires around these parts? They are the spawn of Valsar, there is a crypt of his around here. But Valsar cannot be destroyed without the Sword of Eagle being in your possession, though the Blade was broken an age ago. Collect the Eagle hilt to the East of here, then return'.

Your quest leads on, through the day and into the beginnings of night. As the sun dips, you unpack your bedroll and settle down for the night. It is just as you are drifting off to sleep that you feel hot breath on your neck. Your reflexes take over and you are on your feet, weapon drawn. You stare into the face of a Vampire, but then a smile crosses your face. 'I take it you had your sword custom made, nice sword hilt my friend.'

The fight lasted a lot shorter than you thought it would. The moonlight picks out the Eagle motif of the Vampire's sword, you suspect the blacksmith will enjoy breaking the sword for it's hilt.

You walk through the night, deciding sleeping in a region full of Vampires might not be too healthy, the Forge is in darkness, but there is a smell of freshly ground garlic in the air. The door is open to your surprise, the forge is still lit. The blacksmith walks in sleepily from the back, 'Oh, back so soon, did you get Eagle Hilt?'

You hand over the sword, which seems to confuse the Blacksmith, then he sees the hilt and grins. 'Just take a moment', with a few swipes of his hammer the sword shatters and he holds the Hilt to the light of the forge so he can see the workmanship. 'The blade is held by a pixie to the west, nobody has convinced her to give it up, but I'm sure you can.

After a hearty breakfast, you set off for the Eagle Blade. Moving through this region is harder than the other realms you have been in, but you come eventually to a pool with a small figure buzzing over it.

The Pixie confidently buzzes up to within an inch of your face, 'You are after the Eagle Blade aren't you? Everyone with your look is after it. I have a deal for you, since you already have the eagle hilt, slay 20 Vampire Lords and we shall talk further'.

The Pixie hovers over the deep pool as you return, 'Have you killed the 20 Vampire Lords?'

The Pixie looks shocked, 'oh, well I think (she contemplates to herself) yes, you shall go forth and slay...' At this you raise your gauntleted fist, 'How about a new deal, I let you live, you give me the Eagle Blade'. The Pixie points her finger, then looks at the dried black blood on your weapon and seems to change her mind. 'Yes, errr, you have done as I asked, take the Blade, it's been nothing but bother.' She waves her hand and from within the depths of the pool the blade rises, then rests on the surface like a leaf. You reach forward and take it. The Blacksmith will want to see this blade, you had better return to him. You gain 1 x Eagle Blade

The forge looks more than inviting after this long and tiring journey. The door opens and the familiar blast of heat greets you. The Blacksmith freezes and turns to you, with almost a whisper he asks 'Did you get that Pixie to give you the Eagle Blade?'

The Blacksmith takes the blade, he marvels at it's flawlessness, 'I shall re-forge the Sword of Eagle, wait till I'm done'. Through the next day and night he works, but then the forge suddenly falls into silence. He hands you a fabulous sword, but a frown creases his brow. 'When I finally completed the sword, the vile nature of the Blade's master manifested. I'm sorry, but the Blade seems to be enchanted, only Valsar can wield the Sword. I'm sorry you must defeat Valsar to wield the Blade, his Crypt is not far from here, it is within this very glade to the south. Find him and rid us of his foul presence. I shall await your return.' You gain 1 x Valsar's Sword of Eagle.

As you enter the forge the Blacksmith reaches for you with a huge smile, 'It is so good to see you, tell me, is Valsar dead?'

The Blacksmith looks at his feet, then sits down. 'It's been generations that we have lived under his influence. I can't tell you what this means – Valsar dead... Thank you my friend. May the Sword serve you well, you have earned it. You gain 950 XP and 1 x Sword of Eagle.