Creeping Stone

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438 Stheno Lake (Edge) (9,7) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Eyes of the Gorgon from Gorgon
  3. Return to Start


  • 631,641 XP

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In the center of the island is a huge lake. In the distance you can just make out an isolated castle. The statues in this area are a lot thicker in number. As you wander though this desolate land you are startled when you see a head of one of the statues turn to you.

The figure is in obvious pain. He is rooted to the spot. His flesh is slowly turning to stone. He whispers to you, 'Please help me, the Gorgon struck from behind I had little chance. Please get the eyes of the Gorgon. It is rumored it can stop the curse.'

You return to the unfortunate figure. 'Have you got the Eyes of the Gorgon?'

The man Looks at you, 'I cannot take them, my hands cannot move, just crush them into my chest. The eyes will remove the curse and I will be free.' You slam the eyes into the stone chest of the figure and the stone immediately starts to crumble. 'Thank you my friend, I must go find my Mistress she will be looking for me.' You receive 631,641 xp.