Corruption of Eltwier

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680 Eltwier Fortress (Great Hall) (7, 11) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Return to Start
  3. Go to Eltwier Fortress (Catacomb) (12, 17)
  4. Go to Eltwier Fortress (Catacomb) (2, 2)
  5. Go to Eltwier Fortress (Catacomb) (14, 4)
  6. Return to Eltwier Fortress (Catacomb) (12, 17)


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You encounter one of Eltwier's own generals. He seems outraged. 'Don't go any further, for your own good. Something has happened to Eltwier, he's gone crazy! He has ordered his Griffon's to attack my men! he has been corrupted!'

'I'm not sure, however I believe the answer lays deep within the catacombs. The entrance to the catacombs are locked however, and only his Guardian of Eltwier possess the key. Help me recover the key from the Guardian of Eltwier. Return here once you have acquired it.'

You arrive back at the Elven general. 'Did you manage to recover the key?'

You hand over the key. 'Excellent. We should make our way to the Catacombs. I'll meet you inside the entrance.'

You successfully gain access to the Catacombs. The Elven General is waiting for you nearby.

'Ah, I see you made it. There are two obelisk's in this realm. Lord Eltwier uses these obelisk to observe his kingdom, however I believe the Shadow Lord has somehow influenced Eltwier via these two obelisks. You will need to destroy the two obelisk's in this realm in order to stop the dark magic from influencing Eltwier. You will need to destroy them in a specific sequence however. Destroy the one north-west of here, then destroy the one east of the first.'

You arrive at the first Obelisk. It's cold stone surface pulsates with a crimson hue.

You unsheathe your weapon and destroy the Obelisk. You will now need to destroy the second Obelisk.

You arrive at the second Obelisk, its surface also pulsates with a crimson hue.

You unsheathe your weapon and destroy the Obelisk. You should return to the General to see if the destruction of the Obelisk's has made any difference.

You arrive back at the General who, turning to meet you, has a rather large smile plastered across his face.

The General appears delighted. 'You've done it! I am already receiving word that Eltwier's Griffons have stopped attacking my men, instead they are now focusing on fighting off the Winged Hellion's! I'm not sure what else to offer you except this Rune I managed to retrieve from one of my officers that was slain. I'm sure you will be able to make more use of it.' You gain 1,939,225 XP and 'Rune of Abici'.