Constant Attack

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471 Wastes of Kruz (Mountains) (4,8) [none]



  1. Kill 30 Charging Mactheriums
  2. Go to Wastes of Kruz (Mountains) (13,2)


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The earth is cold under your feet. Majestic mountains arc above you as you travel the land. You are surprised to find a man simply standing in this desolate land.

The man is scanning the horizon looking for something, 'Greetings to you Warrior, I am of the Githorom. We are a simple people, but we are finding it hard to keep the Mountains from the encroaching Hemovore. They are our eternal enemy. They seek not only our destruction but our very life as well! We keep them from overrunning us with our Mactherium Riders. But lately we have suffered sustained attacks rather than random raids and our riders have been depleted. Can you defeat and capture 30 Charging Mactherium and go to the Githorom Outpost with them?'

The Githorom Outpost is somehow imposing even though it is just a two story building. You get the feeling that it\'s stone walls have seen a lot of death. A guard shouts from the battlements, \'The Herder said you would get 30 Charging Mactherium, have you managed that?\'

The Guard disappears behind the wall. The heavy doors of the Outpost swing open and they welcome you in. 'It is really good of you to do this for us. With these mounts we can replenish our Riders. Please, take this Githorom Lance as a token of our thanks. You receive 796,934 Xp + 1 x Githorom Lance.