Clear the Way

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385 Clan Gate (10,10) None



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 80 Orc Wolf Riders
  3. Return to start.


  • 620,930 XP

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Dark rock walls of the narrow valleys feel like they are falling in on you. You move through the Orc land with trepidation. As you enter a wide open space you are startled by a harsh whistle.

To your surprise you come across a dwarf dressed in a brown cloak. It is exactly the same color as the very ground. 'You a bit pale for these parts my friend. You got to be either stupid of strong to just be wandering about. Why don't you do me a favor, go kill 80 Orc Wolf Rider, it'll make it easier me to move through these lands.

You wipe the blood from your weapon as you return to the Dwarf, 'Have you managed to clear the way by killing 80 Orc Wolf Riders'

The Dwarf nods at you, 'You have done Morukan a great service, I am here to spy out the condition of the Clans, the old Warlord is getting on and the Clans are growing restless. I must go to Ug Grash and see which Clan Leader is going to snatch power. Thank you again.' You gain 620,930 xp.