Cleansing of Varas

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2 Varas Dungeon (16, 16) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 25 Skeletons
  3. Return to Start


  • 108 XP
  • 250 0.png

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You encouter a lone Paladin Warrior who introduces himself as Echilah. He hails from the distant City of Goitha. 'I have been sent here to cleanse the Varas Dungeon, however I am just not powerful enough... I have slain countless Skeletons within that dungeon, but the other creatures that roam there are just too powerful for me. Will you help me slay the remaining skeletons?'

You agree to help the Paladin Warrior. 'Excellent! I shall rest here while you slay those Skeletons. Return to me once you have completed this task and I shall split the reward. Be careful, as the creatures that dwell within the Varas Dungeon are very powerful!'

Note: If you are having difficulty defeating your foes, forging your items greatly improves their effectiveness. Some items can also be crafted to further improve them. Forging and Crafting can be performed under the 'Actions' menu. ***ATTENTION** DON'T WASTE YOUR FSP ON FORGING OR CRAFTING SINCE YOU WILL GREATLY OUT LEVEL YOUR EQUIPMENT WHEN YOU FIRST START THE GAME ***

You arrive back at the Paladin Warrior. 'Hail! Have you cleansed the Varas Dungeon of Skeletons?'

'Oh excellent! Here is your share of the reward.' The Paladin hands you some gold coins.

You gain 108 XP and 250 Gold.