Clan Conflict

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636 Urz Wastes (Brushland) (2,19) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Urz Wastes (Brushland) (12, 2)
    • Deliver Diplomatic Letter (12,2)



You arrive at the gates of a village belonging to the Armir Clan. One of the guards approaches you. 'My clan is weak in this region, however if we were able to ally with our neighbor, then our combined clans would be the dominant force in this region. You interested in delivering this letter to the other village in this region?'

'Excellent. Here's the letter.' The guard hands you the letter. You gain 'Diplomatic Letter'.

You arrive at the gates of the village belonging to the Fronrost Clan. Just as one of the guards approach you, several Hobgoblin Bruisers spring from the surroundings and ambush you and the gate guards. You will need to fight off the creatures.

'You finish slaying the last of the creatures and reapproach the gate. Several of the guards, including those who participated in fighting off the creatures, approach you. 'Thank you for your help back there, friend. What business do you have here anyway?' You explain you are here to deliver a letter proposing an alliance with a neighboring clan. 'I see. You took great risk in delivering this. Here, take this as a reward for your services.' The guard hands you a small trinket before taking the letter into the village. You gain 1,575,056 XP and 'Tragoon Pendant'.