Chelonian Treasure

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539 Cursed Isle of Darkwater (Bleak Moor) (9,4) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Chelonian Saber
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Chelonian Cove (6,12) (You need to be level 540 for this!)
  5. Kill Scylla (Elite)
  6. Return to Chelonian Cove (6,12)
  7. Go to Chelonian Hideout (2,2)


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Wind rushes across the empty northern plain, drawing your travel cloak closer to protect against the biting cold you are surprised to find man in ruined leather armour stands dejected in a puddle.

The man looks up slowly, 'I'm a disgrace. I'm responsible for the protection of Darkwater, but the Chelonian Pirates simply smash through our defenses. I came here to find out the secret of the Chelonian strength. But they keep defeating me. I barely escaped with my life the last time. They will only let you into the Chelonian Cove if you have a Chelonian Saber. Could you get me one, I'll split the treasure with you.'

The Village Guard sits ringing out his boots, 'Have you found a Chelonian Saber?'

The Guard takes the Chelonian Saber and grins manically at you. 'With this we can enter the Chelonian Cove. The Hideout is deep within. There are silly tales of a multi-headed guard dog. But that's just ridiculous. Come lets go find that Hideout.'

The Village Guard cowers in terror.

The Guard looks at you in astonishment, 'Have you seen that Monster! It'll stop us from finding the Chelonian Hideout. If you're so calm, you can go kill it!'

The Village Guard hunches behind a large rock, 'Have you got rid of that beast?'

'I had heard that they had a massive guard to their Hideout, but I never believed it. You know the tall tales that sailors spout! Anyway, lets find the hideout and get the treasure. There has to be something that explains their strength.'

The Village Guard looks at a large chest, 'Now maybe we'll find out what treasure they have and the secret of their strength.

The lid of the chest opens slowly to reveal a huge pile of rum bottles. The Guard blinks astonished, 'Rum – this is what the Pirates spend their money on! They must have something else. I'll continue the search. Thank you for all your help. Take this Darkwater Guard Helm as payment for your efforts.' You receive 1,135,134 Xp + 1 x Darkwater Guard Helm