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Stout Hearted Potions

Potion Name Min. Level Buff Type(s) Buff Level(s) Duration Minutes Obtained Bound Rarity AH
Brew of Well Being 1 Aura of Protection, Great Vigor, Stout Hearted 300, 300, 300 120 - Unknown - No Unique [1]
Silver Hearty Draft 1 Great Vigor, Stout Hearted, Anchored, Fortitude, Aura of Protection 300, 300, 300, 300, 300 720 - Unknown - Yes Unique N/A
Golden Hearty Draft 1 Great Vigor, Stout Hearted, Anchored, Fortitude, Aura of Protection 350, 350, 350, 350, 350 840 - Unknown - Yes Legendary N/A
Crystal Hearty Draft 1 Great Vigor, Stout Hearted, Anchored, Fortitude, Aura of Protection 400, 400, 400, 400, 400 960 - Unknown - Yes Crystalline N/A
Fortifying Brew 1 Stout Hearted 100 120 PvP Arena Rewards - 20 2.png No Unique [2]
Halloween Draft 1 Stout Hearted 500 120 Game Gift from: Oidhche Shamhna 2011 No Epic [3]

Potion / Egg Categories
Absorb Adept Learner Ageless Allied Frenzy Anchored Animal Magnetism Anti Deflect Armor Boost Arterial Strike Assist Aura of Protection Avert Gaze Balanced Attack Balanced Defense Barricade Bastion
Berserk Block Blood Thirst Brewing Master Buff Master Chi Strike Cloak Conserve Constitution Coordinated Attack Coordinated Defense Counter Attack Dark Curse Death Dealer Death Wish Defensive Aura
Defiance Deft Hands Demoralize Dispel Curse Distil Distraction Doubler Dull Edge Empower Enchant Amulet Enchant Boots Enchant Helmet Enchant Ring Enchant Rune Enchant Shield Enchant Weapon
Enchanted Armor Entrench Epic Craft Epic Forge Evade Extractor Extractor II Find Item Fist Fight Flinch Force Shield Fortify Fortitude Four Leaf Fury Global Booster
Gold Foot Golden Shield Great Vigor Guild Buffer Hardened Hidden Coffer High Guard Holy Flame Honor Ignite Inventor Inventor II Invert Iron Fist Keen Edge Last Ditch
Layered Armor Librarian Light Foot Mastersmith Merchant Mesmerize Mighty Vigor Necrosis Nightmare Visage Overkill Perfection Poison PvP Prestige Quest Finder Quest Hunter Rage
Reckoning Reflection Resource Finder Reveal Riposte Rock Skin Sacrifice Sanctuary Savagery Sealed Severe Condition Shame Sharpen Shatter Armor Shield Wall Shockwave
Side Step Smashing Hammer Smite Spectral Knight Spell Breaker Spell Leech Stalker Stout Hearted Stun Summon Shield Imp Super Elite Slayer Teleport Terrorize Titan Doubler Unbreakable Undermine
Vision Warcry Wither
Other Categories
Items Quest Items Resources Components Recipes
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