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Hire mercenaries to assist your guilds group attacks. Mercenaries act like additional guild members and join every attack group created while they are working for your guild. In order to hire a mercenary, you need to send an expedition to search for one. Each search costs 10 gold multiplied by the amount of members in your guild.

Mercenary Level Class Strength
Amazon Scout 200 Human Champion
Amras Telrunya, Dragon Lord 500 Mounted Elite
Anakiro Niyan 475 Feline Super Elite
Armorer 60 Demon Elite
Aroni Heavy Halberdier 130 Human Elite
Assasin 150 Human Elite
Azvar Bushman 350 Human Champion
Barbarian 75 Human Champion
Battle Ogre Thuglor of Shragnoth 160 Beast Elite
Battle Wizard 150 Human Champion
BigGrim, Siege War Machine 275 Mechanical Super Elite
Beast Slayer 125 Human Elite
Blood Lion Cultist 75 Human Elite
Centaur Knight 120 Beast Champion
Clockwork Knight 115 Mechanical Elite
Cowboy the Dragon 175 Dragon Super Elite
Crossbowman 85 Human Champion
Cyro Golem 175 Golem Champion
Doc the Technoclown 100 Human Super Elite
Dojo Mannequin 525 Golem Champion
Druid of the West 90 Human Elite
Dwarf Bondsman 165 Dwarf Champion
Dwarf Veteran 35 Dwarf Champion
Elf Duelist 100 Elf Champion
Elf Ranger 50 Elf Elite
Elf Watcher 175 Elf Champion
Enchanted Mannequin 165 Magical Elite
Enchanted Mannequin Wizard 90 Magical Elite
Erik of the Frozen Wastes 800 Human Elite
Executioner 200 Human Elite
Fallen Warrior 240 Undead Champion
Farsight Fancis the Crossbowman 85 Human Champion
Field Reedglitter, Ice Fairy 450 Magical Elite
Flaming Golem 275 Golem Champion
Folor Gladiatrix 235 Human Champion
Forn the Deathlord 50 Human Super Elite
Frogling Brave 135 Aquatic Elite
Gevern the Shadow Sorcerer 415 Magical Elite
Gladiator 95 Human Elite
Golden Prophetess 325 Human Elite
Green Adder Assassin 360 Human Elite
Hobgoblin Brute 65 Greenskin Elite
Hoof the Flamelord 170 Demon Super Elite
Hovkland the Warrior 300 Human Champion
Hugo the Executioner 200 Human Elite
Huntmaster Zerith 275 Reptile Elite
Iago the Dreamcaster 25 Demon Super Elite
Ice Golem 180 Golem Elite
Kageushi the Sa-moo-rai 375 Beast Super Elite
Knight of the Lion 105 Human Champion
Knight of the People 225 Human Elite
Ling the Green Adder Assassin 360 Human Elite
Maka Lamda the Shuo-Gi 285 Human Elite
Menfron Ranger of Nogrod 500 Human Champion
Moon Elf Axewoman 170 Elf Elite
Mud Golem 275 Golem Elite
Necromancer 145 Undead Elite
Nikil the Azvar Bushman 350 Human Champion
Nothlorn Wood Bandit 300 Human Elite
Ogre Bodyguard 50 Beast Champion
Old Lace the Serpent Queen 675 Magical Super Elite
PhurieDae the Dread Witch 300 Human Super Elite
Pirate 45 Human Elite
Potion Masters of Ar Gubar 235 Human Elite
Priest of Yashu 250 Human Elite
Questing Knight 25 Human Elite
Radneto the Icelord 150 Demon Super Elite
Retroboy the Mechori 125 Mechanical Super Elite
Saracen 160 Human Elite
Shuo-Gi 285 Human Elite
Sir Percival of Holden 725 Human Champion
Skollor Heavy Infantryman 115 Human Champion
Stone Golem 400 Golem Elite
Sun Templar 175 Human Champion
Swashbuckler 155 Human Champion
Tekaru Kashichiri 115 Human Elite
The Dungeon Master 165 Human Champion
The Dungeoneer 360 Champion
The Rangers of Nogrod 500 Human Champion
The Warrior Women of the Sildor Forests 60 Human Champion
Thoran Cyclops 250 Beast Champion
Valdur Azdukr of Azdukr Hold 450 Champion
Varkaz Skullcleaver 350 Dwarf Super Elite
Vincent Lorgo, Ex Gang Member 600 Human Elite
War Veteran 225 Human Champion
Warrior Priest 125 Human Champion
Water Golem 325 Golem Elite
Wind Golem 325 Golem Champion
Witch 155 Human Elite
Witch Hunter 200 Human Elite
Wolf Dog 200 Canine Champion
Woodland Sprite 135 Plant Elite
Xero the Skullcrusher 75 Undead Super Elite
Xind Witch 300 Human Champion
Zaelin Blade Dancer 525 Super Elite
Zugrah the Hobgoblin Brute 65 Greenskin Elite
Morphis, Clawed Warrior 225 Super Elite
Beelsebob, Demon Host 450 Super Elite
Lefty, Crossbow Marksman 875 Super Elite
Elec2ron, Lightning Samurai 1200 Super Elite
Plague Doctor Birritan 1315 Super Elite

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