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Enhancements are bonuses that your character get by wearing certain items. Also creatures can have enhancements.

List of Enhancements

Enhancement Description
Banishment Small increase in damage vs Demonic creatures
Beast Slayer Small increase in damage vs. Beast creatures.
Breaker Increased chance to damage opponents items (PvP only)
Critical Hit Very small chance to do double damage with a successful hit (Appears to disregard Attack/Defense in GvG and PvP)
Disarm Chance to halve the current durability of defenders weapon (PvP only)
Dodge Small chance to evade an incoming attack, regardless of Attack/Defense
Duelist Enhances offensive (Attack/Damage) stats in PvP combat.
Elite Hunter Increases the XP gained from killing creatures.
First Strike Chance attacker will forfeit their attack in the first combat turn
Fury Caster Increases the level of skills when cast on self and others
Glory Seeker Increased damage vs. Champions.
Greenskin Slayer Small increase in damage vs. Greenskin creature.
Holy Holy is an enhancement that gives you boost to damage against Undead creatures.
Hypnotize Chance to hypnotize the target for between 2 and 5 turns during combat
Master Blacksmith Reduces the repair cost by a percentage dependant on the enhancement level.
Master Crafter Improved chance to create better crafted items.
Master Inventor Increases successful chances of inventing items.
Master Thief Small chance to steal all of targets gold (PvP only).
Nullify Chance to reduce opponents damage by 20% if successful.
Oceanic Improved damage vs Aquatic creatures.
Piercing Strike Chance to reduce target armor by 50% if successful
Protect Gold Small chance to protect all your gold. (PvP only)
Protection Small reduction to the XP lost when killed in PvP
Reinforced Armor Chance to increase your Armor by 25% if successful.
Sustain Increases the time skills remain active.
Thievery Increase gold stolen from other players when in combat.

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