Breaking Free

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766 Tregdor Kingdom (Outskirts) (13, 7) [none]



  1. Go to Start
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  3. Go to Tregdor Kingdom (Outskirts) (12, 13)


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You stumble upon the town's prison. You notice an arm hanging from one of the windows. You hear somebody whispering. You approach the prison window. The voice comes from within the window. 'Hey you, you need to help me. I have been wrongfully imprisoned. If you can break me out of here, I'll definately make it worth your while.'

'Excellent! Right, there is a heavy padlock on this door so forcing it open won't work. You'll need to retrieve the key in order to unlock it. One of those Guardsmen should be carrying one.'

You arrive back at the town's prison. 'Hey, you're back! I thought you would have left me there. Did you manage to get the keys?'

'Excellent. Quick, let me out now before any of the guard's return!' You use the key you acquired from the guard to unlock the door. The prisoner emerges, his eyes struggling to adjust to the daylight. 'Thank you for getting me out of that place! I've stashed some findings I made south of here. Meet me at the abandoned house directly south of here.'

You arrive at the abandoned house the former prisoner asked you to meet him at. Surely enough he is waiting for you as you arrive. 'Ah, you finally made it I see. I hope you didn't bring anybody else along with you!

'Excellent.' He disappears into the abandoned house and emerges a couple of minutes later with a small chest. He opens the chest, removes a small trinket and hands it to you. 'Here, take this. I'm sure you have more use for it. Thanks again for releasing me!' He hands you a valuable looking amulet. You gain 2,812,754 XP and 'Amulet of Feuioa'.