Blessing of Scale

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543 Hai Jing Mountains (Ridge) (13,9) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 30 Dragon Scale Monks
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Bronze Aspect Shrine
  5. Kill 20 Dragon Scale Monk (Champion)s
  6. Go to Bronze Aspect Shrine (6,9)


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An Old Monk sits meditating on a large rock.

You walk past as quietly as you can, not wanting to disturb the Monk, 'I see you are a Warrior by your outfit. I also see that you have traveled far. You must have tested yourself against many a foe. Let me test you further. I used to be the master of the local Dragon Temple. But my insights and services do not align well with the younger Initiates. These modern times only seek quick answers for the long questions. My test for you is to defeat 30 Dragon Scale Monks. I take it you are a Warrior of worth, or will you flinch from a challenge?'

The Old Master sits quietly in serene silence. He stirs as you approach, 'Have you defeated the 30 Dragon Scale Monks?'

He bows his head, 'Please do not take this badly, but I must have definite proof that the Temple is now weakened due to my ejection. I ask you to enter the Bronze Aspect Shrine and defeat 20 Dragon Scale Monks (Champions). The shrine represents the strength of the Dragon's Armor, so our most powerful guards protect it. I shall meet you there to watch your fighting style and judge your prowess.'

The Old Master Stands in the Shrine grounds watching you quietly, 'Have you defeated 20 Dragon Scale Monks?'

He bows his head, 'You have a... direct and somewhat derivative combat style. But I cannot deny that you are very accomplished, I salute you Warrior. You have also proved that the so called Champions of the Dragon Shrine are not what they were. I shall take my concerns to the Temple. I thank you for your time. Take this as a token of my thanks.' You receive 1,231,534 Xp + 1 x Recipe of Aspect Gauntlets