Benthius Captive

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274 Ofron Islands (West) (6,7) [none]



  1. Obtain Benthius Key from Benthius (Champion)
  2. Go to Start
  3. Kill 15 Benthius
  4. Go to Ofron Islands (West) (12,12)


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You happen upon what appears to look like a pile of seaweed, however on closer inspection you realise that its a hidden cage and within is a captive. She asks you to help her escape. Will you help her?

The captive woman tels wou that she was kidnapped from her fishing boat by the wicked Benthius. Unfortunatly the cage is locked by magic and cannot be oppend without the key. The woman says that one of the Benthius champions has the key. You must find the key and return to free the woman.

You have returned to the seaweed cage. Do you have the magic Benthius Key?

You free the Woman and she is greatfull and however the Benthius have been alerted to the cage being opened and have come to reclaim their captive. You must escort the woman back to her boat in the south of the island. You must kill the 15 Benthius that have come to reclaim her before she can be safely released to her boat.

You have made it to the boat but have you made it safe for the woman to return safely by killing all the Benthius?

You tell the woman that she is now safe to go back onto her boat. Before she casts away she thanks you. You gain 50,500 gold, 269,288 xp and 1 x Pearl of Zowr.