Bat Herder

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354 Morukan (13,15) [none]



  1. Go to Morukan (13,15)
    • Talk to Dwarf
  2. Go to Nuzron Caves
  3. Return to Morukan (13,15)


  • 412,376 XP

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The market is as busy as ever, with Dwarves coming and going. Within the chaos you notice a single Dwarf staring plaintively at the entrance to the Nuzron Caves.

The Dwarf looks up at you, 'I'm responsible for keeping the Dark Pterons of Nuzron away from the popular areas. They look really fierce, but really they are pretty placid. Well, normally placid. They first became very territorial, but now they are openly hostile. Even to me. I can't go in, please find out what is has driven them wild for me.'

The Dwarf is waiting patiently for you.

The Bat Herder takes the dart, 'You found this in one of the Pterons! I've never seen this before, I must tell the City Guard, thank you my friend, with the current threat of the traitors there was nobody to investigate the matter. But they will have to investigate it now.' With that he turns and walks away with a determined air. You gain 412,376 xp