As She Commands

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47 Hallows Caves (Hovel) (2, 2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Invent New Clobber
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Moot Forest (South) (3,15)
  5. Invent Gem of Lightning
  6. Return to Moot Forest (South) (3,15)
  7. Go to Altar Forest East (2,2)
  8. Kill 50 Griffins
  9. Return to Altar Forest East (2,2)
    • Receive 1000 0.png
  10. Go to Altar Forest Ogre Hole (12,2)
  11. Kill 1 Chief Bone Tooth (Elite)
  12. Return to Altar Forest Ogre Hole (12,2)


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You enter a small chamber, at its center is a mean eyed Goblin. He slowly stirs a suspicious stew in a blackened pot sitting on the open fire pit before him. He gives a wide grin, 'Welcome Warrior, I have a trade for you, if you wish. Are you interested?'

He glances down at the pot. 'I warn you, I do not do well with disappointment...' He then puts the spoon aside, 'But I'm sure we will not have any... unpleasentness. My name is Gut Rot, I am in the service of my Mistress. She has given me a task, and I shall see that it is done. But I need to see that you can do the job. So, I require some replacement armour, as mine got bashed up in a recent fight.' He picks up the spoon and stirs his pot again.

He hands you a recipe with his other hand, 'Go get me some New Clobber, if you succeed we shall talk some more.'

You receive 1 x New Clobber Recipe

Gut Rot leans over the blackened pot eating the thick dark stew with his cooking spoon. 'You got my New Clobber yet?'

The Goblin eyes the items suspiciously, 'Looks good. I like that it was done in a timely fashion as well. Alright, I think we can do business. Meet me in the Moot Forest South. Now, you will need to go back to Jaunt Bay and enter Moot Forest from there but I'm sure you can figure it out. Off you go now.'

You didn't expect to have to walk so far to get to the Southern Moot Forest. But eventually you find Gut Rot standing by a dark cave entrance.

The Goblin smiles broadly, 'I know it was a hike, but it can't be avoided. I had to... chase someone. He pats his belly, 'But it all worked out in the end. Now my Mistress requires a Gem of Lightning. I don't know why, she just does. Now it cannot be just any Gem of Lightning, nooooo. It must be formed using a magical source of Lightning. Within this cave you will find the Eredan Sorcerer (Elite). These forgotten human Sorcerer's steal their magical energies from other magical Creatures. Now these are not just ordinary Creatures, they are powerful Elites, so you need to be careful and you might have to form a Group of mates to take him down. You'll figure it out, or die horribly.' The Goblin then opens his backpack and hands you another scroll.

'Now, go inside and get me that Gem of Lightning. Return to me when you're done.'

You receive 1 x Gem of Lightning Recipe

Gut Rot waits for you impatiently, 'You got that Gem of Lightning yet?'

The Goblin takes the Gem from you, 'Niiice. That was not easy. This is going to work out after all. The Mistress understands a setback or two but her patience for continual failure does run out quite quickly. So, now we just need to nip to the Altar Forest East, I do know a Goblin Sneek to get you there quickly, but don't tell anyone. I'll meet you there. But don't take too long, it's cold there.'

Take the Moot Goblin Sneek and meet Gut Rot in Altar Forest East.

Gut Rot stamps his feet against the cold.

The Goblin grunts back at you miserably, 'I hate the cold. But what I hate more are birds. Go kill 50 Griffin's and I'll give you some coin for your trouble.'

Gut Rot mutters darkly. His mood has not improved with time, 'You got those blasted Griffin's yet? Birds don't just die on their own you know!'

A grin cracks Gut Rot's face for the first time since you arrived in the wintery forest, 'Gooood! Here, have 1000 gold. We are nearly finished, just one more thing to get for the Mistress. Meet me in the Altar Forest Ogre Hole.

Gut Rot sits in the darkness of the Ogre Hole.

'It's nice to get inside again. My Mistress wants you to kill the Chief of the Ogre, a beast called Chief Bone Tooth (Elite). Remember that Elites are powerful Creatures, you might need to form a Group to kill him. Once you have done that tell me and I'll give you a reward. Quickly now.'

Kill the Chief Bone Tooth (Elite).

Gut Rot sits on the hard stone of the Ogre Hole, 'The Mistress will be wondering where I am! I need you to murder Chief Bone Tooth (Elite) and be quick about it!'

Gut Rot smiles up at you, 'Excellent Warrior. I knew we could do it. Now take these Gut Rot Scale Gloves as reward for all your efforts. I really should give you some coin but I like you so have the Gloves. It's a flaw of mine to grow fond of those I have used and obscenely profited from, but we all have our weaknesses. But the main thing is Mistress will be thrilled at my efforts, if you're lucky we will never meet again. Bye bye now.'

And with that the mean eyed Goblin scuttles off into the direction of the Ogre you have slain.

You receive 25,405 Xp + 1 x Gut Rot Scale Gloves