Angry Skies

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423 Empty Plains (East) (13,8) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Sacred Blade from Warped Grofflesnout
  3. Return to Start
  4. Kill 25 Sky Elementals
  5. Return to Start


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You come across a warrior staring at the skies.

The Warrior looks to the ground, 'I am ashamed that you find me in this state. My Village has sent me to slay the Sky Elementals. They grow too restless. They gave me the Sacred Blade to cull the Sky Elementals, but on my way here I had to fight my way through the Warped Grofflesnouts here in the area. I attacked one of these foul abominations, but it lived and ran away. The Sacred Blade still stuck in it's hide. Please retrieve the blade I cannot complete the task without it.

The village Warrior greets you, 'I'm glad to see you have returned safely, have you found the Sacred Blade from the Warped Grofflesnout?'

The village Warrior takes the blade from you. 'I am grateful for your help, can I ask one more thing from you? I must return to the village, but I guess that you are more powerful than I. Would you please kill 25 Sky Elementals? This was my task, but you would do it faster I think and I just survived the battle with those Grofflesnouts.'

You return to the village Warrior, 'It is good to see you, have you completed the task my village set me?'

"They are dead" The Warrior straightens to his full height, 'I must train more I think. It shames me that I must depend on the kindness of strangers to do my duty. I am grateful to you, please take this Warrior Mark Amulet. It is given to all those in my village who have become defenders of our tribe. But I am not worth of such an honor.' You receive 696,175 xp + 1 x Warrior Mark Amulet