Angletor Captive

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736 Angletor Ruins (Grounds) (4, 6) [none]



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You stumble upon a group of large iron cages wedged within a cluster of trees. As you approach the cages you notice movement within one of them.

You approach the cage. A voice comes from within. 'Please, help me! They captured me and stuffed me in here.' You suddenly get a feeling of somebody watching you. Without warning you are tossed aside by a massive beast. 'How dare you enter our territory, now you will die!' Screams the angry Orc Rider atop the beast. The Orc thrusts his spear at you, however you parry it with ease. Several more Rhinotaurs approach. You must defend yourself!

The Orc Riders continue to attack you, their spears lancing out towards you.

You successfully slay the last of the Rhinotaur Riders and reapproach the cage with the captive. You attempt to unlock the cage, but fail. 'I have an idea, friend. There is a small basin of water north-west of here. The water is highly acidic, and that alone may be enough to burn through this lock. Take this mug and collect some. Hurry though, it will melt through the mug if left for too long.' The captive asks. You gain 'Wooden Mug'.

You arrive at the basin of highly acidic water the captive mentioned.

You can hear the water sizzle as you scoop some of the water into the mug. You must now return back to the captive. You gain 'Melting Wooden Mug'.

You arrive back at the cage where the captive is being held. 'Did you manage to get some of the acid water using that mug I gave you.' The captive asks.
You pour the contents of the mug over the iron lock. Surely enough it begins melting through the lock which soon drops to the floor. The captive emerges from the confines of the cage. 'Oh thank you friend for all your help! Here, take this as a token of my appreciation for getting me out of that hell hole.' The man hands you a small rune before wandering off into the distance. You gain 2,921,186 XP and 'Toranal Rune'.