Aiding the Gnomes

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652 The Fire Forest (Ridge) (8, 6) [none]



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  2. Go to The Fire Forest (Ridge) (2, 3)
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to The Fire Forest (Ridge) (17, 3)
  5. Go to The Fire Forest (Ridge) (2, 3)


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You encounter a small village. Gnomes go about to-and-fro, carrying out their daily business. One of the Gnomes approaches you. 'You, stranger. You're a tall one, aren't you? Say, would you be interested in helping us finish construction on our border towers?'

A smile edges its way across the small humanoid's mouth. 'Good. Travel west and you'll find our partially built tower guarding north-western approach. They should have plenty of tools there to help you finish off the job. Return here once you've finished.'

You arrive at the partially built Gnome guard tower. The Gnome foreman approaches you. 'Ah, I heard you were coming here to help. Well, the tools are over there. Get to it!'

You retrieve the tools and help finish off the fort's construction, which doesn't take very long at all. Soon, the tower is standing tall; two meters tall to be exact, towering above in the eyes of the Gnomes. Since you have successfully assisted the Gnome foreman in finishing off the construction of the fort, you will need to return to the Gnome village.

You arrive back at the village. The same gnome you met earlier at this village spots and approaches you. 'I hear you successfully helped finish off the construction of the northern tower. That should protect our borders from wandering rogues. I've been trying to make some armor while you were gone, however I appear to have dropped one of the components needed to finish off the armor. Don't suppose you could help me find the component?'

'Great! I'm not entirely sure where I dropped it. I was on patrol before I arrive at this village. So you've got a bit of a search ahead of you...' The Gnome sniggers cheekily.

You notice an object on the ground glisten in the sunlight.

Quirking a brow, you examine the object. It appears to be a Giron metal component featuring an elaborate design across its smooth surface. Chances are it's the component the Gnome accidentally dropped while passing through this area. You will need to return the component to the Gnome.

You arrive back at the village. A familiar Gnome face approaches. 'Welcome back, friend. Did you manage to recover that component I accidentally dropped?'

The Gnome appears ecstatic that you managed to find the component. 'Oh fantastic! I will now be able to finish off my armor. I do have an earlier armor I crafted earlier, however I made it a little too large. As such, I won't have any use for it.' The Gnome ponders. 'You, however, might have a use for it. It may very well fit on you.' The Gnome hands you the armor suit. 'Oh, one more thing. I have a cousin down in the valley. He's having some trouble with the locals there. Perhaps if you run into him along your travels you could help him? Anyway, I must go. Good luck!' You gain 1,273,357 XP and 'Armor of Ghanelle'.