Adryiel must be Eliminated!

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630 Dokfarn Lake (Hunting Lodge) (2, 2) Complete Corruption of the Seers



  1. Go to Start
  2. Return to Start
  3. Go to Dokfarn Lake (Island) (12, 16)
  4. Go to Dokfarn Lake (Island) (4, 9)
  5. Return to Start
  6. Kill 1 Witch of the Lake (Elite)
  7. Go to Fluent Spire (9,8)


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You meet the Man-at-Arms. 'This Lodge has not been used in a while my friend. But with the amount of work we've done in subduing the Witches minions, we are now in a position to strike a decisive blow.'

'The Witches seat of power is in this area. The Fluent Spire. We need to fight our way through the Dokfarn Elementals and destroy as many as we can before storming the Spire. Meet back here once you have wiped out as many Elementals as you can.'

You arrive back at the Lodge after a successful hunt. You see the Man-at-Arms staunching a wound in his side. You rush over to him.

'Heh heh heh! Gettin' too old fer this. One of the Elementals got this hit in before I destroyed it. Bleedin' quite badly. However, if you could get this potion together, it should fix me up just right. With a bit of luck, you should have some Pure Elemental Water. Have a look for the Dokheri Plant south east of here. Then have a look for the Reeds.' You receive 'Recipe of Pure Water Healing Draught.'

Your search for the Dokheri plant is fairly swift. You find the plant and take it.

With that found, you'd before see if you can find the Reeds.

You find the reeds and cut some free.
You'll need to mix the reeds and the Dokheri Plant with 3 samples of Pure Elemental Water and make haste back to the Man-at-Arms. Time is of the essence

You enter the Lodge and kneel next to the Man-at-Arms.

You watch as the Man-at-Arms grimaces, and the wound in his side starts to knit together. He coughs and takes a deep breath. 'Well, that was something I don't want to feel again fer a good long while. I owe you my friend.'

'Right then. Now that I am back on my feet, I think it's past time we attacked the Spire.'

'Aye, I'm ready. Let's go! It's time to end her reign.'

'Have you found her yet? She's a slippery one, that's for sure.'
'Really? You astound me, my friend. Well with her gone and most of her minions scattered, we can travel to the next village. I know that they were having troubles with the Witch and the Hobgoblins. With the Witchs forces gone, the Hobgoblins will likely redouble their efforts against the good people. We'd best move out. Here, I found this Shield on the wall. Might be of use.' You receive 'Shield of Valernoth' and 1,902,098 XP.