A Stolen Xmas

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16 Forest of Yule (Clearing) (11,15) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Stolen Xmas Presents Recipe
  3. Go to Forest of Yule (Vale)
  4. Invent Stolen Xmas Present
  5. Return to Start


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Whilst traveling through the white land, you discover a Native Woman dressed in furs struggling through a snow drift.

She at first ignores you and carries on wading through the snow. Now that you are closer to her, you see that she is clearly exhausted. You ask if she is all right and this finally gets her attention, 'No I'm not all right. We scrimped and saved for 3 months to cobble together a good Xmas for the nippers. Then we came back home to discover our hut was broken into and saw some Orcs running off into the distance. My Husband is off looking for arrows for his bow. But if we don't catch them they will be off with everything!'

She is in no condition to continue on. You are far from the Native Village on the Mountain Path and if she carries on she will simply be a good meal for the Orcs when she finds them. You tell her to stay here and catch her breath. You will see what you can do.

She collapses into the snow, 'Thank you Warrior. I have heard rumors of strange goings on in this wood. I was following the prints the Orcs left. They appear to be traveling toward the Vale. If you find the Santork Brutes you can use this Stolen Xmas Presents Recipe to re-wrap our presents for the twins.

You must enter the Forest of Yule (Vale) and return the Stolen Xmas Presents.

You receive 1 x Stolen Xmas Presents Recipe

The exhausted Native waits in the snow for your return, 'Have you found the Stolen Xmas Presents?'

She takes the two presents from you, 'Thank you Warrior you are very kind. I have nothing of real value to give you. But whilst you were away I made this Snowball. It is all I have. But it's then thought that counts I'm told.'

You receive 1,442 Xp + 1 x Twinkling Snowball